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My Favourite Chemical Exfoliators

I’m back! It has been a manic few weeks trying to get together a draft of my dissertation, (amongst two other assignments), but I am so happy to be back to blogging, and no better way in my eyes to kick it off than with a skincare post.

Skin that is glowing is the ultimate dream, I want to look like I’m lit from within, it is the main reason why my makeup collection is full of highlighters and illuminating products, I just love it! Although makeup can give skin that glow, now the warmer months are coming up and I’m getting back into wearing lighter bases I want my own skin to be glowing and healthy looking, rather than just the makeup on top. I stopped using beaded or textured exfoliators a while back and decided to switch to chemical exfoliants, if you want a full low down of ingredients and how they really work then offcourse Caroline Hirons is the blog to read!

I’ll start with the pricey one so it is over and done with, Sunday Riley as a brand was so hyped up last year making me super jealous that my student budget just wasn’t cut out for the hype. I’m lucky to have a really generous tester of the Good Genes serum within my skincare collection that has allowed me to use this for over 2 months (I still have over half left too). As far as chemical exfoliants go, I have to be honest, this is top dog. I see instant results from this serum, it just leaves my skin feeling refined and instantly there glow and luminosity about it. I only use this once a day and I think it will be taking a back seat in the summer because it is quite harsh on my skin, but the results are really amazing! Another thing, smell this before you buy it because the scent might be too over bearing for some people, even my boyfriend questioned what the smell was!

Next up is the Temple Spa “The Big Reveal,” I love this because again like Good Genes the results are pretty much instant. This is described as a resurfacing peel mask, after one minute of applying it the product forms a layer over the skin that then makes it easy to rub off. This is really different to any other products I have within my collection, but it works just as well. I like using this before a night out as a quick fix and a skin boost, it gives me soft and brighter looking skin easily.

The first chemical exfoliant I tried was the First Aid Beauty Facial Radiance Pads, and these will probably be in my collection for a very long time because they’re bloody brilliant to travel with. The pads are soaked with product but aren’t as harsh as the Good Genes serum, I feel like these are the perfect place to start as they are effective and do brighten and exfoliate the skin, but in a more gentle way. I felt no tingling with these like I have with other chemical exfoliants, so a lot better for anyone with sensitive skin too.

The Nip and Fab Glycolic Fix Serum is one of my go to over night treatments. I find that this one really helps to make my skin look plumper and my pores so look smaller the morning after using this (win)!!! My skin has been feeling really dehydrated from the winter months and it’s only really getting over it now, this serum contains aloe vera so it feels really soothing and nice on my skin.

Do you use a chemical exfoliator? What are your favourites?

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    The Sunday Mode

    March 18, 2016Reply

    The Good Genes sounds so good, just wish it wasn't so expensive so I could give it s good try. I recently had a bad experience with a chemical exfoliater so as much as I want to try another, that's kind of turned me off for a while.

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