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5 Ways to Improve Your Instagram Following

Out of all the different social media platforms Instagram is my absolute favourite, I love taking photos and sharing not only what is happening over here on my blog but what I’m getting up to on a daily basis *and offcourse the odd coffee snap*. Over the past 10 months of having an instagram connected to my blog I’ve realised there are a couple things that can be done to boost your instagram following, if you’re hoping to promote something or have better engagement on your page.

1) The pictures are important 
There are a couple of things you can do to make sure your pictures look their best, firstly lighting is really important. There is nothing worse than a photo that looks grainy and dark. Having good lighting makes the photo look a better quality and everything within the image is clearer. Another thing is overly edited pictures, I always up the brightness and exposure but never to the point where it is really obvious. I use VSCOcam which I really recommend, but going over board can ruin a good photo.

2) Use hashtags and tag brands 

Using hashtags has allowed me to reach new audiences and connect with so many other people. I use popular hashtags that are associated with what is in the picture but also to be a part of different communities such as “bbloggers,” or “blogginggals.” I feel like this has helped me reach other bloggers through instagram. Another massive thing that has helped me is tagging the brands or associated companies within my images. From this there is a chance they could regramme you, or even by liking or commenting on your image it brings new people to your account.

This shows the results from adding the HB1 filter in VSCOcam, as you can see it makes a clear difference. This photo was taken on my phone though, so the quality could still be improved.

 I then take that image and improve the brightness further by upping the brightness and improving the exposure, it is subtle but worth doing.

3) Stick to a colour/ tone theme

I don’t stick to posting images related to one things, I have a mixture of beauty, lifestyle and fashion on my instagram. To keep connected and looking neat I do stick to the same filter. I always use VSCOcam like I mentioned before and filter my photos with HB1, this makes the image look brighter and less warm, which is just what I prefer but there are so many different options to choose from. I also up the exposure and brightness in both VSCOcam and Instagram

4) Post once a day if possible and a good time

Without posting regular content it will take you much longer to gain a following. I always try to post once a day usually between 8-9am in the morning or 6-9pm in the evening, as usually more people are on instagram and likely to see your image at this time.

5) Inject some personality instead of pictures of products

I love it when an instagram account shares a little more about themselves rather than just products, it makes the content more relatable and personal and can tell a story. This is one reason why I follow some of the instagram accounts that I do. It is also nice to show your style through photography, I’ve included things like my favourite notebooks, candles and images of my bedroom to make my instagram feel more personal, and more of a reflection of myself.

I think it is so important not to become obsessed with numbers, obviously it can be motivating to know that people enjoy what you post etc, but for me instagram is an expression of my love for photography and my blog I guess. I hope this has been helpful!

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