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Becoming More Confident

Confidence and self belief in general is something I've struggled with for the past few years. I found I was letting it get on top of me and having an impact on so many things I wanted to do. I've always been a "can do" sort of person and tried my best at everything, but for a while there was a cast of doubt or worry in the back of my mind as to whether I could actually do it, which in the end had an affect on my performance, and how I felt in general. From January I have noticed a massive difference in myself, I feel like I have almost trained myself to become more confident, I'm definitely not there just yet, but I'm on the right track! I've listed a couple of little things that have helped me become more confident.

Reflect on negative thoughts when lacking in confidence

A lot of the time lack of confidence comes from not being able to do something before, or just general lack of self recognition, which I was definitely experiencing! I've found it really helpful when I am doubting myself to think about why, I don't try and block out the thoughts but understand why I feel that way at that particular time. From doing this I found that there was no rational to my lack of confidence, especially when as a child I was really confident.

Looking back at past experiences really helped my confidence grow, and pluck up the courage to just get up and get on with it. By reflecting on negative thoughts I realised certain things make me feel less confident, like being unprepared, now I make sure I feel as prepared as possible for situations that I feel less confident in.

Step out of your comfort zone as much as possible 

My confidence grows the more I step outside of my comfort zone. Even if it does mean I feel awkward, and it doesn't feel great at the time, afterwards it's almost like "oh, what's the big deal," and then I feel like I can do that again. I've been trying to do little things that I wouldn't normally do, and slowly it is making a massive difference. I think when you're a natural worrier this can be so difficult, but the unknown can actually be a really good thing.

Recognise all the amazing things that you do

I didn't used to think about how much effort I put into my blog, how much my photography has improved or my good marks at uni. Now I actually celebrate my success, even if it is just by recognising them and being happy with my progress. It can be absolutely anything, making a list is also really helpful to see how many things you have achieved!

Fake it till you make it 

My favourite quote at the minute, by faking confidence I got myself a first in my dissertation presentation, which even afterwards I thought went really bad! From that experience alone I learnt to stop being so hard on myself, imagine if we were all as nice to ourselves as we are to our loved ones!

I hope this has been helpful in some way, I would love to know if you have any suggestions on how to have more confidence...

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March Favourites 2016

I love reading other favourites posts but always forget to write my own. From now on I will be making my monthly favourites a monthly occurrence... rather than every 6 months! Firstly I have to mention hair care, I've wrote a full review of the L'Oreal Extradordinary Clay range, but the Clay Masque in particular has really helped keep my roots looking and feeling a lot cleaner, without feeling stripped or dry. This range is really good for any of you who, like me have oily roots and dry ends. I've just ran out of the Bumble and Bumble thickening spray, admittedly I've never been one to splurge on hair styling products for some reason, but I really miss this when it isn't in my routine. This spray helps add texture to my hair making it appear and feel thicker, without being weighed down. I'll be repurchasing this soon!

Spring doesn't feel like it is here yet, I'm freezing 90% of the time, but I've gone ahead and switched up some bits in my makeup routine anyway. Slightly annoying to mention this one as it is quite hard to get hold of, but I needed to mention it. The Josie Maran Cheek Gelee (Pink Escape) is something I really didn't see myself loving, but it adds a lovely natural wash of colour to my cheeks that lasts for hours! I can see this being a part of my makeup travel bag this summer. Since Christmas I have been applying the OPI Nail Envy polish, this really does live up to the hype. The most expensive nail care related product I've tried, but so worth it, my nails have gone from thin and flaky to pretty strong and able to grow again. It is so nice to be able to wear all my favourite polishes again.

Lastly is a brush from*, I am completely obsessed with the SoEco Multi Tasking brush. It blends in any liquid or cream products into my so seamlessly, I have been using this with the Clinique Chubby Contour Stick, and the two make the perfect combo for contouring!

What have been your favourites this month?


L'Oreal Elvive Extraordinary Clay - Does it work?

I actually fit the bill for this product perfectly, I've always had oily roots but dry ends. I have to wash my hair every other day and use dry shampoo in-between, which as you can imagine is an absolute nightmare! I have tried all sorts to help my hair become more balanced, but nothing has worked. When I saw this range I was so excited that finally something was out there for this annoying hair type I have... But does it make my hair feel "purified" for 72 hours?

In short, for 72 hours, it doesn't *rolls eyes* But I do still really like this system. I've noticed that my hair has become less greasy, even if only slightly there is a difference. I was worried that the clay would leave my roots feeling stripped of moisture, dry and frizzy, but thankfully it doesn't. After initial use my hair felt light weight, it was clean at the roots and fairly nourished at the ends! I would say my hair really is the extreme, so if your roots don't get too oily I feel like this would work so well for you. Or if you wanted a deep clean for your roots once a week this would be a fab option for that. 

The clay part to all of this is a bit of a faff, I've used a lot of it up already so I'll be needing to repurchase that way before the shampoo and conditioner. The conditioner is good because it doesn't leave my fine hair feeling weighed down at all, but I feel like it could be more nourishing than it is so I still use a deep conditioner on the ends of my hair once a week.

If you have a similar hair type to my then please help a girl out and share how to control it. I feel like I have tried everything, from not washing my hair as often to conditioning before using shampoo... nothing seems to really work. Overall I love the concept of this, but my hair needs something even more powerful!


5 Ways to Improve Your Instagram Following

Out of all the different social media platforms Instagram is my absolute favourite, I love taking photos and sharing not only what is happening over here on my blog but what I'm getting up to on a daily basis *and offcourse the odd coffee snap*. Over the past 10 months of having an instagram connected to my blog I've realised there are a couple things that can be done to boost your instagram following, if you're hoping to promote something or have better engagement on your page.

1) The pictures are important 

There are a couple of things you can do to make sure your pictures look their best, firstly lighting is really important. There is nothing worse than a photo that looks grainy and dark. Having good lighting makes the photo look a better quality and everything within the image is clearer. Another thing is overly edited pictures, I always up the brightness and exposure but never to the point where it is really obvious. I use VSCOcam which I really recommend, but going over board can ruin a good photo.

2) Use hashtags and tag brands 

Using hashtags has allowed me to reach new audiences and connect with so many other people. I use popular hashtags that are associated with what is in the picture but also to be a part of different communities such as "bbloggers," or "blogginggals." I feel like this has helped me reach other bloggers through instagram. Another massive thing that has helped me is tagging the brands or associated companies within my images. From this there is a chance they could regramme you, or even by liking or commenting on your image it brings new people to your account.

This shows the results from adding the HB1 filter in VSCOcam, as you can see it makes a clear difference. This photo was taken on my phone though, so the quality could still be improved.

 I then take that image and improve the brightness further by upping the brightness and improving the exposure, it is subtle but worth doing.

3) Stick to a colour/ tone theme

I don't stick to posting images related to one things, I have a mixture of beauty, lifestyle and fashion on my instagram. To keep connected and looking neat I do stick to the same filter. I always use VSCOcam like I mentioned before and filter my photos with HB1, this makes the image look brighter and less warm, which is just what I prefer but there are so many different options to choose from. I also up the exposure and brightness in both VSCOcam and Instagram

4) Post once a day if possible and a good time

Without posting regular content it will take you much longer to gain a following. I always try to post once a day usually between 8-9am in the morning or 6-9pm in the evening, as usually more people are on instagram and likely to see your image at this time.

5) Inject some personality instead of pictures of products

I love it when an instagram account shares a little more about themselves rather than just products, it makes the content more relatable and personal and can tell a story. This is one reason why I follow some of the instagram accounts that I do. It is also nice to show your style through photography, I've included things like my favourite notebooks, candles and images of my bedroom to make my instagram feel more personal, and more of a reflection of myself.

I think it is so important not to become obsessed with numbers, obviously it can be motivating to know that people enjoy what you post etc, but for me instagram is an expression of my love for photography and my blog I guess. I hope this has been helpful!

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SoEco Makeup Brushes

Any makeup I apply without having used good skincare before hand, or good tools to apply it with never looks the same. I am always on the hunt for brushes, especially for base products as I always wan't my base to be as perfected as it possibly can be (like most people I guess)! For the past two weeks I have been trying some brushes from the brand SoEco which were kindly sent to me from, and so far... really good!

The Multi Tasking Brush* - Firstly this is so soft, secondly, never has anything blended my foundation as quickly as this, it looks seemless and takes me around 30 seconds to do my whole face! No harsh lines or build up of makeup in certain areas, this brush just helps create the perfect base. I like my foundation to look like skin, I hate it looking too thick or obvious, this helps to achieve a more natural and skin like base because of how easy it is to buff and blend my foundation. I have washed this twice so far and there has been no shedding or loss of quality, which I am so pleased about.

The Finishing Brush* - At first I started using this for my loose powder, but I then went back and had a good read of the packaging and it suggested to use it for blusher. I usually apply my blusher with a dense brush, but this works so much better! This distributes my blusher so evenly and the overall finish is more natural and perfected. Before using this my blusher would look patchy in places, this really helps to add colour seamlessly. For any pale skin girls out there this is also perfect for bronzer, it is really difficult to over do it when using this.

With me being in uni I end up travelling quite alot so a small set of brushes is so ideal for me. The SoEco Eye Brush Kit * (along with my trusty MAC 217) is all I need for a trip. I can do my eyebrows, gel eye liner and apply my eyeshadow with the tools in this kit. Another bonus is that they are all kept nice and compact in the carry case!

Overall I am really impressed with the quality of these brushes considering how affordable they are. All of them have washed really well and have already made their way into my routine replacing previous favourites! Also, for anyone as impatient as me out there, offers free 1st class delivery, these arrived the next day!

What are your favourite brushes for base products?

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My Favourite Chemical Exfoliators

I'm back! It has been a manic few weeks trying to get together a draft of my dissertation, (amongst two other assignments), but I am so happy to be back to blogging, and no better way in my eyes to kick it off than with a skincare post.

Skin that is glowing is the ultimate dream, I want to look like I'm lit from within, it is the main reason why my makeup collection is full of highlighters and illuminating products, I just love it! Although makeup can give skin that glow, now the warmer months are coming up and I'm getting back into wearing lighter bases I want my own skin to be glowing and healthy looking, rather than just the makeup on top. I stopped using beaded or textured exfoliators a while back and decided to switch to chemical exfoliants, if you want a full low down of ingredients and how they really work then offcourse Caroline Hirons is the blog to read!

I'll start with the pricey one so it is over and done with, Sunday Riley as a brand was so hyped up last year making me super jealous that my student budget just wasn't cut out for the hype. I'm lucky to have a really generous tester of the Good Genes serum within my skincare collection that has allowed me to use this for over 2 months (I still have over half left too). As far as chemical exfoliants go, I have to be honest, this is top dog. I see instant results from this serum, it just leaves my skin feeling refined and instantly there glow and luminosity about it. I only use this once a day and I think it will be taking a back seat in the summer because it is quite harsh on my skin, but the results are really amazing! Another thing, smell this before you buy it because the scent might be too over bearing for some people, even my boyfriend questioned what the smell was!

Next up is the Temple Spa "The Big Reveal," I love this because again like Good Genes the results are pretty much instant. This is described as a resurfacing peel mask, after one minute of applying it the product forms a layer over the skin that then makes it easy to rub off. This is really different to any other products I have within my collection, but it works just as well. I like using this before a night out as a quick fix and a skin boost, it gives me soft and brighter looking skin easily.

The first chemical exfoliant I tried was the First Aid Beauty Facial Radiance Pads, and these will probably be in my collection for a very long time because they're bloody brilliant to travel with. The pads are soaked with product but aren't as harsh as the Good Genes serum, I feel like these are the perfect place to start as they are effective and do brighten and exfoliate the skin, but in a more gentle way. I felt no tingling with these like I have with other chemical exfoliants, so a lot better for anyone with sensitive skin too.

The Nip and Fab Glycolic Fix Serum is one of my go to over night treatments. I find that this one really helps to make my skin look plumper and my pores so look smaller the morning after using this (win)!!! My skin has been feeling really dehydrated from the winter months and it's only really getting over it now, this serum contains aloe vera so it feels really soothing and nice on my skin.

Do you use a chemical exfoliator? What are your favourites?

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Spring Beauty Updates

Spring is one of my favourite seasons, so naturally I'm going to write as many things spring related as I can over the next few months. With the lighter mornings coming in, I'm ditching the burgundy nail polish  and making a couple of small changes to my makeup. To me spring makeup is all about fresh looking skin and pale pinks, which I'm all for! I've picked out some products that have started to make their way into my routine.

I'll start off with the base, it is has to be Estee Lauder Double Wear Light. Don't let the original double wear put you off if you're not keen on the intense coverage that gives, this leaves a much lighter finish. What makes this different to many other light/ medium coverage bases I've tried is how long it lasts, I'll have this on my face from 7am until 6 pm and I'll still have some coverage left at the end of the day. It leaves a lovely natural looking satin finish, making it perfect for my oily skin as I like to add a highlighter on top to have a glow rather than from my foundation.

For concealing and highlighting around my eyes I have been reaching for the Temple Spa Glint Concealer*. I have the shade light- medium which surprisingly isn't too dark and works really well at adding some coverage and reflecting the light at the same time. I use a small amount of a high coverage concealer directly under my eyes (a standard when you're in your final year at uni), and over the top I apply some of this and blend it with my finger to really warm the product up. I love that this doesn't leave my under eyes looking thick with product. An added bonus about this product is that it has gorgeous natural ingredients, leaving my under eyes feel hydrated throughout the day.

As I said earlier, I'm all about the pale pinks! A quick mention to Sidecar from the Naked palette too, I feel like you can justify buying that palette to have that shade alone, so gorgeous. I'm going to be traveling from home to uni and to my boyfriends a lot over the next few months so I wanted to pick something more travel friendly. This Wet N Wild Trio in Walking on Eggshells is the best affordable palette I have ever used. The shadows are soft and blendable with little fall out and the colours look really pretty together. 

For nails the Ciate nail polishes not only look really cute but their colour range is fab too. Ferris Wheel is a lovely pastel blue and Golden Sands is a pale pink nude with a golden sheen running through it. I usually buy Ciate in TKMaxx for around half the price, winning! My perfume obviously has a change up, I love floral scents all year round so in the winter I opt for those with woody undertones so I'm not too out of place (plus I love 'em), but now spring is here the lighter more fresh florals are coming out. I love this Marc Jacobs Daisy Body Lotion, the perfume doesn't stick around on me but I love to wear this as a base for many of my other floral perfumes. 

Lastly, lip colour! I'm basic and up for a good nude lip all year round, but this year I really want to experiment more with colour. The Too Faced Melted Liquid Lipstick in Melted Peony is the most wearable pink I own. These lipsticks have amazing colour pay off so look really odd without a good amount of makeup on, but when I'm wearing a good base an a blusher it looks really girly and perfect for this time of year. I thought this would leave a matte finish but it actually has a sheen on the lips, it is really comfortable to wear and lasts for hours.

I'm loving the lighter mornings already and I can't wear to switch up some more of my products. Have your started making changes to your beauty regime? 

Changing to

So, for a while now I've been instead of (what a mouthful)! In order to get this all switched over I've had to publish this post to get back on Bloglovin'... I thought I might aswel take this as a chance to say a massive thank you to everyone that reads, comments and follows my blog. My little place on the web is already bringing me so many fab opportunities and I cannot wait to see what this year has in store....

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Nuxe Reve De Miel Dupe/ Affordable Alternative

After misplacing my Nuxe Reve De Miel lipbalm back in January my lips became really dry and lipstick was a no go. I couldn't bare to part with the £10 straight after Christmas so I went on the hunt for a more affordable alternative, and I decided to try the Burts Bees Beeswax lipbalm. The two are really different in finish and the feel on my lips, but honestly I get exactly the same results from both. I feel like it is a miracle that I have found a dupe for the Reve De Miel!

The Reve De Miel is a lot thicker and does look and feel more luxurious, it coats the lips and leaves a thick feeling balm that has a matte finish. I think this is more suited to being an over night treatment, because of the consistency it really does stay put all night and keep my lips moisturised until the morning. The Burts Bees balm is a lot lighter in texture feeling much more like a traditional lip balm, the packaging makes it much easier to travel with, it is what I reach for as a top up throughout the day. Both balms contain natural ingredients, mainly oils and hydrating plant extracts.

Honestly if you were on a budget then I think stick to the Burts Bees balm, it has taken my lips from really dry and chapped to nourished in a week... But, the Nuxe Reve De Miel does provide results quicker, has an amazing scent and I would actually say is worth the £9.50 because it has lasted me a really long time, it seems to be a bottom less pot (which I'm not complaining about)!

Have you tried either of these or have any other lip balm recommendations?

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