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Winter Pamper Essentials

In the winter for me it is all about keeping everything hydrated. For some reason this year my skin has really been affected by the cold weather, my lips have been chapped, my hands have been seriously dry and my skin has suffered a lot too! I have compiled all my favourite bits that have been saving me over the past month, goodbye dry old lizard skin!

The bath time essentials

How could Lush not feature under a title like this, I’m a little greedy and like to combine a bath bomb and bath oil at the same time. The most moisturising of the bunch is You’ve Been Mangoed and Butterball. The bath bomb contains cocoa butter which really helps to makes my skin feel soft and less tight from the cold, while the oil that contains mango and avocado really feels like it is providing deep down nourishment. If you need something moisturising that will last through the week then this combo is perfect.

Nourished nails/ hands

Recently I’ve been making more effort to look after my hands more. For as long as I can remember I’ve had nails that are so weak they just break at any sign of growth. The OPI Nail Envy is as amazing as everyone says, it is helping my nails become stronger and less bristle. Alongside this I’ve been using the Sally Hansen Nail Oil, this has helped keep my cuticles conditioned making the overall appearance of my nails better… A winning little combination. To keep my hands soft I’ve been obsessed with the Emma Hardie Hand and Nail treatment, it absorbs quickly, not overly scented (which I like) and leaves my hands feeling soft.

The Rest

Really imaginative title for this category, I know. After loosing my beloved Nuxe Reve De Miel (where are you?!?!) I decided it was about bloody time I found a more affordable alternative that wouldn’t make me feel so guilty when I bought it. I’ve been using the Burts Bees Beeswax Lip Balm for a week now, my lips are no longer chapped and liquid lipstick ready! The balm is thick and really nourishing, I had never found anything that lived up to the Reve De Miel hype before this, finally something similar that is less than half the price.

Without exaggeration I’m that pale that it hurts my eyes to look at my legs in the winter, they are white! I like to use Dove Summer Glow twice a week to just give me a slight wash of colour, I’m still on the pale spectrum but no longer glowing white. I love this gradual tanner over others I’ve tried because it lasts for around 4-5 days, doesn’t have that obvious fake tan smell the whole time and looks natural.

Lastly is my little skincare life saver, the Origins Drink Up Intense Overnight Mask. If you have dehydrated skin this will fix that for you. I apply a pea sized all over, in the morning after leaving this on overnight my skin is plump and hydrated. If you’ve tried this mask then you’ll also know how amazing the apricot scent is, it is refreshing and light. Since taking better care of my skin by making sure it stays hydrated I’ve had hardly any blemishes, everyone needs this product in their routine.

What are your essentials for a winter pamper evening?

P.s. I recently reached 500 followers through Bloglovin’, it means so much to know you are reading my posts, commenting and enjoying my little space on the web! Big love to you all xx

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