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5 Personal Goal for 2016

When I tell people I study psychology at Uni, the automatic responses are “so are you analysing me right now?” or “can you read my mind?”. Quite obviously the answers to those are (unfortunately) no, but through my whole experience at uni I have actually learnt to analyse my own thoughts, and recognise my feelings much more than I used to (too cringey?). I am on a mission this year to worry less plus stay positive, to practice what I preach I wanted to share some tips that have really helped me…

Being Optimistic. I know, easier said than done, but with staying optimistic about the future and considering my glass half full rather than empty I’ve realised how fab my life is! I feel so lucky to be at uni studying towards a degree and see this as a massive opportunity for providing me with a good job I enjoy in the future. Also being proud of my blog and the volunteering I have done along the way also helps me become more optimistic about 2016.

Stepping out of my comfort zone. Each day I’m trying to do something that makes me feel a little bit nervous, for my dissertation I have been having to collect data and explain my study to groups of students, by having that pressure it has improved my confidence and made me feel proud of my achievements at uni. I feel like the more I do this, the more confident I’ll be when I come to apply for jobs after uni too.

Taking time out. Having those nights where I just leave everything alone (uni work, blogging, social media) make such a big difference to me. Also falling asleep with my phone no where near my bed helps me massively! I love social media, offcourse, but sometimes a break is just what I need to feel refreshed again. I want to continue doing this and try to make use of the time by reading or listening to music.

Try to enjoy every moment. I’m an absolute worry wart, I think about the future rather than the present. This is a massive year for me finishing uni and moving back home, and at the minute I’m still unsure of what path to take once it’s all over… but this isn’t always a bad thing! I need to just remember to enjoy the time I have left and make the most of it.

Grow my blog. Last year I gained so much more confidence to share my little space on the internet with the world, and I’m so glad I did. It still excites me getting the email saying that someone’s commented on my post! This year I have a couple of blogging goals in mind and the top of my list is meeting other bloggers, I think it would be amazing if we could all get together and chat properly and have a little shop.

I’ll never forget this quote because I relate to it so much, my own confidence and self belief has held me back so many times… but not this year!  “Confidence and self belief are the most important things, everything else comes second to that.” – Stef Michalak

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