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5 Changes For Clearer Skin

I think a key thing to always think about with skincare is that everyone skin has different needs. My skin is currently pretty much blemish free, however I do have pretty bad blackheads and a couple of under the skin spots here and there. I’m going to run through 5 changes I’ve made over the past 6 months that have helped me see massive improvements in my skin.

A quick run down

Skin type: Oily/ dehydrated

Key Issue: My skin was looking really dull. All the moisture from my foundation was being absorbed by my skin because it was so dehydrated. Areas of my face that were dehydrated e.g. nose, cheeks, forehead also affected by blackheads. My skin is by no means perfect now, but there are some changes I’ve made a clear difference.

The 5 changes

1) Eating healthier and drinking more water is always suggested, so I won’t waffle. I have a massive sweet tooth so staying away from sugar is torture, but my skin improves so much when I limit the chocolate *crying*. Drinking lots of water is also a huge must for me, I feel like it has helped with dehydration.

2) I’m really not confident with my skin. I can cover everything quite easily with makeup and feel ok about it, but going bare at the minute is difficult. When I do have makeup free days my skin is always so much better the day after, but I’m leaving the house so often that I just don’t want to! I’m really trying to wear less makeup day to day as this definitely allows my skin to breathe and does help clear things up, so if you can then I would.

3) I don’t know about you but I feel overwhelmed by the choice of skincare products on the market. I have used so many things that have really not worked for me, so finding the right skincare has made a massive difference. Something I want to do and have already been doing in 2016 is invest more into my skincare. A little combo I’m thankful for at the minute is the Sunday Riley Good Genes Treatment (lovely product but not worth £80 if you don’t have that sort of money, I’m buying the Pixi Glow Tonic when I’m done with it) and the Kielhs Ultra Facial Cream. 

4) Step away/ remove/ bin the magnifying mirror! Anyone else had a little habit of picking their skin or spots? Honestly since I have left my skin alone I have had hardly any blemishes. It is a little gross to speak about but all the bacteria that is spread by trying to remove one spot can cause more trouble than it is worth. I’ve been looking at extraction and considering having it done if my skin doesn’t improve, it is definitely the best way to avoid scaring and making the skin worse.

5) A really simple one that has helped me is using a really warm and damp face cloth when I cleanse. Using a cloth makes sure that all the makeup/ dirt is removed plus it acts as a gentle exfoliation at the same time. I like to double cleanse with the Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish (absolute holy grail), and I make sure that after every use the cloth goes in the wash, sounds drastic but I’ve bought quite a few so I can use a fresh one every time.

I’ve ordered lots of new skincare bits this week to help hydrate my skin even more so keep an eye out for reviews in the future! What are your tips for clearer skin? 

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