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Jurlique Rose Moisture Collection

After Christmas I was having an absolute skin nightmare, my skin was lacking so much moisture that it looked grey and dull, and any makeup I put over the top to try and cover it looked just as awful after a few hours. After a couple of months with a solid skincare routine my skin is finally back on track! After seeing the impact amazing skincare can have I'm becoming obsessed with trying out new things and testing what works well for my skin.

After seeing some of my favourite bloggers rave about Jurlique my wishlist yet again got longer, but because it's skincare I feel like I can justify it more than a £20+ lipstick, anyone in the same boat with that?... Anyway, after some researching I decided I wanted to try some bits from the Rose Moisture Range, my skin is oily but so dehydrated so I felt like this would suit me best. The first product is the Rosewater Balancing Skin Mist. It was the word "balancing," that really drew me into this, I feel like it helps replenish my dehydrated skin without making me either more oily, which is exactly what I'm looking for from my skincare. I use this as a toner in my routine, it is such a refreshing step that I feel preps my skin for all the other skincare bits I put on top. It is light weight and doesn't sit on top of my skin or leave a film. I love the fact their is some antioxidant protection with this but for a spray it really does make my skin feel a lot softer and replenished. The glass bottle doesn't make it travel or handbag friendly, but it does look nice and luxurious on my dressing table.

So many of my masks are targetted towards blemish prone or oily skin so I wanted one to help boost moisture levels. I opted for the Moisture Replenish Mask which I now use once a week, religiously! 
I realllllly love this mask, it is cooling and I honestly don't think I've tried a mask that makes my skin feel so soft. It takes 10 minutes so plenty of time to watch a quick TY video (or in my case finish off an essay) and my skin is left looking plumper and more hydrated for the next day.

I have nothing bad to say about these products, maybe the price tag as they are slightly more expensive than some other options, but they are really worth it. 

Have you tried anything from Jurlique?


Trilogy Rosehip Oil Review

Never did I think that using a facial oil on my oily skin would be beneficial. My skin has been suffering this winter becoming so dehydrated, yet still oily in other areas, a rubbish combination when it comes to applying makeup on top. With my complexion looking dull and some scaring still showing I was on the hunt for anything that would help. The Trilogy Certified Organic Rosehip Oil was a trusty twitter recommendation which I am so glad that I added into my routine.

Why are facial oils good for oily skin?

Before purchasing this I decided to do a little research of my own around facial oils in general. I don't have sensitive skin but still stay clear of mineral oil as it can clog the pores and cause further problems, however I've realised that plant based oils are a completely different playing field. Plant based oils are natural and can actually help regulate oil production within the skin as the properties are so similar.

How I use this within my current routine

This is the third step within my routine after I cleanse and tone. I use this in the evening although you can use it both morning and night, I apply 2 drops into the palm of my hands than I press the oil into my face rather than rub, mainly concentrating on my cheeks as this is where I have the most scaring. I find that this sinks into my skin quickly without leaving any uncomfortable greasy residue behind (one thing I dreaded that I thought an oil would do). 

The differences in my skin

I've been using this for three weeks now and I'm already noticing that the scaring I had from blemishes are fading, and any blemishes I've had in that time have healed and cleared much quicker than usual. Even after day three I noticed that my skin was incredibly soft and smooth, the texture of my skin has changed completely becoming so much more plump and hydrated. I haven't noticed that my skin has been more oily or less oily really, but from using this my skin has become hydrated and my makeup is lasting longer and looking nicer throughout the day.

Overall I am so impressed and happy that I have this lovely product within my routine. It is nice to use something so natural that really makes a difference.

What are your thoughts on facial oils and have you tried anything from Trilogy?


L'Oreal Paris Makeup Review

I needed to repurchase the L'oreal Infallible foundation, there was a 3 for 2 offer on, as you'd expect I went for the offer. I have reviewed the foundation last summer but that needs a little update. At the minute my skin is really dehydrated and because this has a matte finish I can't really get away with wearing it, I still love it but not for when my skin is screaming for moisture as it just looks patchy. It is perfect for an oily or normal complexion and is a fab long lasting budget foundation.

To hold my makeup in place I love using the Urban Decay All Nighter spray, I notice such a difference when I use it so I decided to give the L'oreal Infallible Fixing Mist a go. I was really hoping that this lived up to the Urban Decay setting spray hype and would be the perfect budget alternative, but to be blunt, it is rubbish! Firstly the dispenser is awful so it wasn't a light mist but more like rain hitting me in the face, no joke, my blusher was so patchy. I tried this again the next day holding it further back but it really made no difference. 

The True Match Concealer is one of my absolute favourites. It is lightweight but with a good coverage and when I set it with powder it lasts really well under my eyes. I have the shade vanilla, the yellow undertones work really well at cancelling out any redness around my eyes and nose. 
My favourite eyeliner at the minute has actually been the Collection 24H felt tip liner, it is really easy to apply, black and long lasting and just a bonus that it is so affordable. The L'oreal liquid eyeliners are good, both of these feel the same in terms of the product it is just the applicator. For me the super line is too thick for creating a thin wing and they last just as long as my trusty collection liner, so I don't think I'll be repurchasing once these run out.

For my brows (that are finally growing back after my threading disaster) I have been setting them with the Brow Artist Plumper, because this is tinted it manages to make my brows look thicker, and everything blends together better when I use this. One thing with this is being careful not to apply too much, there is nothing worse than crispy looking brow hairs!

Some disappointing but then some fabulous bits that I'm sure I'll keep in my collection. What are your favourite things from L'oreal?


5 Changes For Clearer Skin

I think a key thing to always think about with skincare is that everyone skin has different needs. My skin is currently pretty much blemish free, however I do have pretty bad blackheads and a couple of under the skin spots here and there. I'm going to run through 5 changes I've made over the past 6 months that have helped me see massive improvements in my skin.

A quick run down

Skin type: Oily/ dehydrated

Key Issue: My skin was looking really dull. All the moisture from my foundation was being absorbed by my skin because it was so dehydrated. Areas of my face that were dehydrated e.g. nose, cheeks, forehead also affected by blackheads. My skin is by no means perfect now, but there are some changes I've made a clear difference.

The 5 changes

1) Eating healthier and drinking more water is always suggested, so I won't waffle. I have a massive sweet tooth so staying away from sugar is torture, but my skin improves so much when I limit the chocolate *crying*. Drinking lots of water is also a huge must for me, I feel like it has helped with dehydration.

2) I'm really not confident with my skin. I can cover everything quite easily with makeup and feel ok about it, but going bare at the minute is difficult. When I do have makeup free days my skin is always so much better the day after, but I'm leaving the house so often that I just don't want to! I'm really trying to wear less makeup day to day as this definitely allows my skin to breathe and does help clear things up, so if you can then I would.

3) I don't know about you but I feel overwhelmed by the choice of skincare products on the market. I have used so many things that have really not worked for me, so finding the right skincare has made a massive difference. Something I want to do and have already been doing in 2016 is invest more into my skincare. A little combo I'm thankful for at the minute is the Sunday Riley Good Genes Treatment (lovely product but not worth £80 if you don't have that sort of money, I'm buying the Pixi Glow Tonic when I'm done with it) and the Kielhs Ultra Facial Cream. 

4) Step away/ remove/ bin the magnifying mirror! Anyone else had a little habit of picking their skin or spots? Honestly since I have left my skin alone I have had hardly any blemishes. It is a little gross to speak about but all the bacteria that is spread by trying to remove one spot can cause more trouble than it is worth. I've been looking at extraction and considering having it done if my skin doesn't improve, it is definitely the best way to avoid scaring and making the skin worse.

5) A really simple one that has helped me is using a really warm and damp face cloth when I cleanse. Using a cloth makes sure that all the makeup/ dirt is removed plus it acts as a gentle exfoliation at the same time. I like to double cleanse with the Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish (absolute holy grail), and I make sure that after every use the cloth goes in the wash, sounds drastic but I've bought quite a few so I can use a fresh one every time.

I've ordered lots of new skincare bits this week to help hydrate my skin even more so keep an eye out for reviews in the future! What are your tips for clearer skin? 


Winter Pamper Essentials

In the winter for me it is all about keeping everything hydrated. For some reason this year my skin has really been affected by the cold weather, my lips have been chapped, my hands have been seriously dry and my skin has suffered a lot too! I have compiled all my favourite bits that have been saving me over the past month, goodbye dry old lizard skin!

The bath time essentials

How could Lush not feature under a title like this, I'm a little greedy and like to combine a bath bomb and bath oil at the same time. The most moisturising of the bunch is You've Been Mangoed and Butterball. The bath bomb contains cocoa butter which really helps to makes my skin feel soft and less tight from the cold, while the oil that contains mango and avocado really feels like it is providing deep down nourishment. If you need something moisturising that will last through the week then this combo is perfect.

Nourished nails/ hands

Recently I've been making more effort to look after my hands more. For as long as I can remember I've had nails that are so weak they just break at any sign of growth. The OPI Nail Envy is as amazing as everyone says, it is helping my nails become stronger and less bristle. Alongside this I've been using the Sally Hansen Nail Oil, this has helped keep my cuticles conditioned making the overall appearance of my nails better... A winning little combination. To keep my hands soft I've been obsessed with the Emma Hardie Hand and Nail treatment, it absorbs quickly, not overly scented (which I like) and leaves my hands feeling soft.

The Rest

Really imaginative title for this category, I know. After loosing my beloved Nuxe Reve De Miel (where are you?!?!) I decided it was about bloody time I found a more affordable alternative that wouldn't make me feel so guilty when I bought it. I've been using the Burts Bees Beeswax Lip Balm for a week now, my lips are no longer chapped and liquid lipstick ready! The balm is thick and really nourishing, I had never found anything that lived up to the Reve De Miel hype before this, finally something similar that is less than half the price.

Without exaggeration I'm that pale that it hurts my eyes to look at my legs in the winter, they are white! I like to use Dove Summer Glow twice a week to just give me a slight wash of colour, I'm still on the pale spectrum but no longer glowing white. I love this gradual tanner over others I've tried because it lasts for around 4-5 days, doesn't have that obvious fake tan smell the whole time and looks natural.

Lastly is my little skincare life saver, the Origins Drink Up Intense Overnight Mask. If you have dehydrated skin this will fix that for you. I apply a pea sized all over, in the morning after leaving this on overnight my skin is plump and hydrated. If you've tried this mask then you'll also know how amazing the apricot scent is, it is refreshing and light. Since taking better care of my skin by making sure it stays hydrated I've had hardly any blemishes, everyone needs this product in their routine.

What are your essentials for a winter pamper evening?

P.s. I recently reached 500 followers through Bloglovin', it means so much to know you are reading my posts, commenting and enjoying my little space on the web! Big love to you all xx


5 Personal Goal for 2016

When I tell people I study psychology at Uni, the automatic responses are "so are you analysing me right now?" or "can you read my mind?". Quite obviously the answers to those are (unfortunately) no, but through my whole experience at uni I have actually learnt to analyse my own thoughts, and recognise my feelings much more than I used to (too cringey?). I am on a mission this year to worry less plus stay positive, to practice what I preach I wanted to share some tips that have really helped me...

Being Optimistic. I know, easier said than done, but with staying optimistic about the future and considering my glass half full rather than empty I've realised how fab my life is! I feel so lucky to be at uni studying towards a degree and see this as a massive opportunity for providing me with a good job I enjoy in the future. Also being proud of my blog and the volunteering I have done along the way also helps me become more optimistic about 2016.

Stepping out of my comfort zone. Each day I'm trying to do something that makes me feel a little bit nervous, for my dissertation I have been having to collect data and explain my study to groups of students, by having that pressure it has improved my confidence and made me feel proud of my achievements at uni. I feel like the more I do this, the more confident I'll be when I come to apply for jobs after uni too.

Taking time out. Having those nights where I just leave everything alone (uni work, blogging, social media) make such a big difference to me. Also falling asleep with my phone no where near my bed helps me massively! I love social media, offcourse, but sometimes a break is just what I need to feel refreshed again. I want to continue doing this and try to make use of the time by reading or listening to music.

Try to enjoy every moment. I'm an absolute worry wart, I think about the future rather than the present. This is a massive year for me finishing uni and moving back home, and at the minute I'm still unsure of what path to take once it's all over... but this isn't always a bad thing! I need to just remember to enjoy the time I have left and make the most of it.

Grow my blog. Last year I gained so much more confidence to share my little space on the internet with the world, and I'm so glad I did. It still excites me getting the email saying that someone's commented on my post! This year I have a couple of blogging goals in mind and the top of my list is meeting other bloggers, I think it would be amazing if we could all get together and chat properly and have a little shop.

I'll never forget this quote because I relate to it so much, my own confidence and self belief has held me back so many times... but not this year!  "Confidence and self belief are the most important things, everything else comes second to that." - Stef Michalak
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