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The Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush Palette

Before this palette I owned 2 other blushers and had no intentions of expanding my collection what so ever… I rarely wore blush and didn’t find it to flatter my face at all. Earlier this month the lovely Claire hosted a giveaway and I won! The main prize was this Tarte “Bling It On” Amazonian clay blush palette, and it has honestly changed the way I do my makeup.

Firstly I need to just ramble about the palette, it actually looks like a clutch bag and houses five of the much raved about Amazonian Clay Blushers. Admittedly the black glitter does get a little annoying, but it is something I look past. The packaging is a good standard and the magnetic closure keeps all of the blushers safe inside (thank god). Another little detail is the embossing on the individual blushes, it is one of those features that adds to the luxuriousness this product has!

The blushers themselves are nothing like ones I’ve tried before. For me having the right texture is so important with a blusher, there have been so many times when it can look patchy and uneven on my skin, as these are soft and almost creamy the product just glides on top of my foundation, sitting really nicely throughout the day. Another thing to mention is how long lasting this effect is, I have really oily skin so they don’t last as long on me anyway, but I can still see my blusher on my cheeks after around 8 hours out of the house… 8 HOURS!

The colour selection is perfect to take me through literally every season. At the minute I’m loving Prim and Fetching, as they are slightly darker and have less of the pink/ peach and coral tones running through them they are perfect for winter. I can see Beaming being my spring time blush colour as it’s a gorgeous coral/ pale pink shade that gives off a flush of colour on the cheeks, this is the only shade in the palette that has some sparkle to it, Doll Face is the only true matte and the rest give off a satin finish. The colours are pigmented, but not to the point where they are impossible to work with, so if  like me you resemble Casper these blushers will become your life as it is hard to go over board.

Annoyingly after how much I’ve just raved about this Tarte isn’t really stocked in the UK, QVC  have a couple of their products and I’m eyeing up a tartelette eye shadow palette next (and their foundation, lipsticks…).

Have you tried anything from Tarte?

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