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When Threading Goes Wrong!

Recently I decided it would be a fab idea to have my eyebrows threaded, I like my brows to look natural but groomed, so basically no thin eyebrows in sight… The women that did it some how managed to make a mess, to put it nicely. My brows look groomed, but that’s what’s left of them! So now I’m relaying on certain products to give me a hand and fill them out slightly, but still in a way that looks as natural as possible. Oh and to add to the issue my right brow is thicker than the left… brilliant.

I’ve found a really sharp pencil to work the best for adding in strokes of colour that really resemble hair. I was recently sent a brow pencil from Threads*, before this I was adamant that they weren’t for me and I loved using a powder, I’ve changed my mind! I feel like it will take me slightly longer with a pencil because of the colour pay off, but with a light hand and some patients I can really fake having thicker brows again. A bonus, it’s waterproof, I went to the gym with this on and it did not budge, if it can pass that test then I’m happy! Unfortunately the colour I was sent (coffee) is too warm toned for me and doesn’t blend into my natural brow hairs, but now I’ve been converted the mission is to find a cool toned brown brow pencil that matches my brows perfectly (if you know of any let me know in the comments!).

Threads is now available in Harvey Nichols, I’m impressed with the quality and love the fact you get a spoolie on the end. I’m looking forward to seeing what other colours they have in the range.

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