The Blogger Made Me Buy It!

There are obviously so many products that I’ve bought because I’ve seen other bloggers rave about them, but there are certain things I’ve picked up straight after seeing someone mention it. I’ll start with a hair product mentioned by Fleur from Fleur De Force, as soon as I saw the Charles Worthington Intense Rescue Melting Balm mentioned in a video I knew I wanted it. I wear this on the ends of my hair over night and the next day my hair looks and feels like I’ve just had it cut. Although this is a heavy oil based product it doesn’t weigh down my hair or leave a greasy film (seriously is there anything more frustrating than drying your hair to find loads of product in it?). Another hair recommendation is from Kate at KateLaVie, its the got2b Fast Dry Hairspray. Honestly I’m yet to love this, not sure if I’m using it wrong or if my hair is too fine but the first time I used it my hair looked greasy, very annoying! The second time I did notice a difference that my hair dried quicker but it didn’t feel any more manageable like I wanted it to, for now its a no from me but I’m thinking I should give it another chance.

Fake tanning always seems like a fab idea… Then the end of the day comes along when my face says Casper but the rest of my body screams 2 months in the Caribbean. When I saw Anna from Vivianna Does Makeup talk about the Olay Complete Everyday Sunshine Moisturiser I thought it would be the perfect way to avoid that scenario, but my skin broke out worse than it has in a while and I hardly saw any difference in colour. Another Anna recommendation that I flippin love is the Zoeva Cocoa Blend Palette. The colour selection is perfect for me, there is a good mix of lighter and darker shades with some mattes and shimmers, plus the quality is brilliant for the price too.

I’ve fallen for MACs Soft and Gentle again, you can tell by the packaging that I’ve had mine a while. I can’t remember who specifically mentioned this as it was years ago but it is just such a pretty highlighter and I’m yet to find a cheaper (less painfully priced) alternative that matches the quality and shade. Last but not least I have to mention Twig, a new addition to the old MAC lipstick collection but I’m reaching for it every day. I went home for Christmas and left this at uni and I really missed it, it perks up my pale face and adds subtle colour.

What blogger recommended products have you picked up recently?

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