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The Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush Palette

Before this palette I owned 2 other blushers and had no intentions of expanding my collection what so ever... I rarely wore blush and didn't find it to flatter my face at all. Earlier this month the lovely Claire hosted a giveaway and I won! The main prize was this Tarte "Bling It On" Amazonian clay blush palette, and it has honestly changed the way I do my makeup.

Firstly I need to just ramble about the palette, it actually looks like a clutch bag and houses five of the much raved about Amazonian Clay Blushers. Admittedly the black glitter does get a little annoying, but it is something I look past. The packaging is a good standard and the magnetic closure keeps all of the blushers safe inside (thank god). Another little detail is the embossing on the individual blushes, it is one of those features that adds to the luxuriousness this product has!

The blushers themselves are nothing like ones I've tried before. For me having the right texture is so important with a blusher, there have been so many times when it can look patchy and uneven on my skin, as these are soft and almost creamy the product just glides on top of my foundation, sitting really nicely throughout the day. Another thing to mention is how long lasting this effect is, I have really oily skin so they don't last as long on me anyway, but I can still see my blusher on my cheeks after around 8 hours out of the house... 8 HOURS!

The colour selection is perfect to take me through literally every season. At the minute I'm loving Prim and Fetching, as they are slightly darker and have less of the pink/ peach and coral tones running through them they are perfect for winter. I can see Beaming being my spring time blush colour as it's a gorgeous coral/ pale pink shade that gives off a flush of colour on the cheeks, this is the only shade in the palette that has some sparkle to it, Doll Face is the only true matte and the rest give off a satin finish. The colours are pigmented, but not to the point where they are impossible to work with, so if  like me you resemble Casper these blushers will become your life as it is hard to go over board.

Annoyingly after how much I've just raved about this Tarte isn't really stocked in the UK, QVC  have a couple of their products and I'm eyeing up a tartelette eye shadow palette next (and their foundation, lipsticks...).

Have you tried anything from Tarte?


Tips For Brighter Looking Eyes

Over the past 2 and a half years of Uni you could say I've had my fair share of late nights, early mornings (plus the odd hangover) to have learn't how to deal with tired looking eyes! There are a couple of handy tricks I've picked up along the way that are a quick fix for helping my eyes look brighter and not so tired...

A brightening concealer, I can't make my eyes look brighter without sorting out the blue tones around them. I love the Temple Spa Glint Light concealer because it lasts all day and doesn't cling to any dry patches, whilst doing a fab job at making sure the blue tones are concealed without looking too heavy. I love that this contains pomegranate and raspberry oil for that added moisture during the winter months!

Eyelash curlers, by curling my lashes it really helps to make my eyes look more awake and open, these are a pair I picked up from TKMaxx a while back. I sometimes curl my lashes even if I'm not wearing any mascara, just to give them a little lift. I feel like the extra minute or two in my routine is worth it for this.

A pale shimmery eye shadow, I actually swear by using the L'oreal Color Riche eyeshadow in Little Beige Dress if my eyes are looking tired, the formulation is buttery soft and lasts all day. By applying a white shimmery eyeshadow in the inner corners of my eyes they instantly look brighter and bigger.

A pale pink eyeliner, I have used the Benefit Eyebright for years! Everyday without a doubt I apply this to my waterline as an instant eye brightener. I used to wear a white liner but found it to be a little too harsh, having a pale pink is much more subtle whilst still providing the same effect.

A black eyeliner, whether liquid or pencil I love added some dark liner across my lash line, I only tend to apply a thin line so it isn't so obvious but it really helps to make my lashes look thicker and fuller at the root which then enhances the whites of my eyes. I have been using the L'oreal Superliner Perfect Slim, this is perfect for achieving a really thin line.

One last thing that I comletly forgot about until now is eye drops! I wear contact lenses so naturally my eyes become tired and dry from those. Since using eye drops the whites of my eyes appear lighter and I can't actually keep my eyes open at the end of the day without it hurting.

Do you have any other tips for brighter looking eyes?


When Threading Goes Wrong!

Recently I decided it would be a fab idea to have my eyebrows threaded, I like my brows to look natural but groomed, so basically no thin eyebrows in sight... The women that did it some how managed to make a mess, to put it nicely. My brows look groomed, but that's what's left of them! So now I'm relaying on certain products to give me a hand and fill them out slightly, but still in a way that looks as natural as possible. Oh and to add to the issue my right brow is thicker than the left... brilliant.

I've found a really sharp pencil to work the best for adding in strokes of colour that really resemble hair. I was recently sent a brow pencil from Threads*, before this I was adamant that they weren't for me and I loved using a powder, I've changed my mind! I feel like it will take me slightly longer with a pencil because of the colour pay off, but with a light hand and some patients I can really fake having thicker brows again. A bonus, it's waterproof, I went to the gym with this on and it did not budge, if it can pass that test then I'm happy! Unfortunately the colour I was sent (coffee) is too warm toned for me and doesn't blend into my natural brow hairs, but now I've been converted the mission is to find a cool toned brown brow pencil that matches my brows perfectly (if you know of any let me know in the comments!).

Threads is now available in Harvey Nichols, I'm impressed with the quality and love the fact you get a spoolie on the end. I'm looking forward to seeing what other colours they have in the range.


Kiehl's Ultra Facial Cream Review

One of my "beauty resolutions," if you like was to invest in some better skincare in 2016. I've discovered that no matter how much I spend on makeup if my skin isn't in the best condition then it is going to be a waste of money. On the hunt for a moisturiser that works well for dehydrated but oily skin I was having a moan on twitter looking for something new to try, the lovely Lily from pintsizedbeauty recommended Kiehl's Ultra Facial Cream, after a little investigate online I decided I needed to give it a go.

The first thing I noticed when I tried this on my hand was the texture, this cream is so light weight and almost gel like making it absorb within a few seconds, instantly it reassured me this is just what my skin needed. As soon as I used this my skin felt a lot less tight and uncomfortable, and after a week of use my makeup has never looked better. My skin was so dehydrated it was starting to become slightly flaky, even after I had used this once that started to clear up.

I have blemish prone skin so whenever I introduce a new product into my skincare routine I'm slightly anxious I'm going to end up breaking out, but this has been perfect and if anything helped clear things up! Another issue is how oily my skin is, but this product hasn't made my skin any oiler at all. One thing I do wish is if this was in a pump form rather than a pot, but I get around that by using a cotton bud rather than sticking my fingers in. 

After looking into Kiehl's as a brand more I have really fallen in love with their values and the products they have, I can't wait to try some more of their skincare, I think next up will be the midnight recovery concentrate. The is the moisturiser everyone needs in their stash for the cooler months, it is so hard to avoid dehydrated skin in the winter but I think this will be everyone's little saviour!

Have you tried any Kiehl's products or have a skincare essential for dehydrated skin?


Soap & Glory Thick and Fast Mascara

When I find a mascara I love I usually become loyal and repurchase about 8, you know just incase they discontinue it or god forbid I run out. I had to pick up The Whole She-Bang Rodnik Christmas set from Soap and Glory this year and the Soap and Glory Thick and Fast mascara came with it, so off course I am giving it a try. I'm lucky enough to have long lashes so I always gravitate towards anything that provides volume but some separation at the same time, so I had high hopes from this mascara.

The brush is much smaller than the typical thickening mascaras I have used in the past, but that has actually proven a good thing making it a lot easier to reach the root of my lashes which straight away makes them look thicker, plus saves time in the morning applying a black eyeliner along my tight line. When I first used this it wasn't my favourite, but as the product has dried out it has become so much better.  

Throughout the day my lashes stay looking good with this, no flaking or black marks under my eyes that a lot of mascaras leave on me. Thankfully this is easy to remove at the end of the day, which is off course a massive bonus after a day of uni work when all I want to do is get to sleep! The mascara claims to have a Collagen coat that protects and strengthens lashes, I haven't noticed this at all, but the fact it is easy to remove probably helps protect my lashes in the long run. 

My lashes look thick and separated when I use this, it defiantly isn't for those that like a lengthening mascara but if full lashes are what you look for then you will probably love this! Overall I am pretty impressed with this, not my all time favourite but I'll definitely be using it up, plus how pretty is the gold packaging!?

What are your favourite Soap and Glory makeup products? 


The Blogger Made Me Buy It!

There are obviously so many products that I've bought because I've seen other bloggers rave about them, but there are certain things I've picked up straight after seeing someone mention it. I'll start with a hair product mentioned by Fleur from Fleur De Force, as soon as I saw the Charles Worthington Intense Rescue Melting Balm mentioned in a video I knew I wanted it. I wear this on the ends of my hair over night and the next day my hair looks and feels like I've just had it cut. Although this is a heavy oil based product it doesn't weigh down my hair or leave a greasy film (seriously is there anything more frustrating than drying your hair to find loads of product in it?). Another hair recommendation is from Kate at KateLaVie, its the got2b Fast Dry Hairspray. Honestly I'm yet to love this, not sure if I'm using it wrong or if my hair is too fine but the first time I used it my hair looked greasy, very annoying! The second time I did notice a difference that my hair dried quicker but it didn't feel any more manageable like I wanted it to, for now its a no from me but I'm thinking I should give it another chance.

Fake tanning always seems like a fab idea... Then the end of the day comes along when my face says Casper but the rest of my body screams 2 months in the Caribbean. When I saw Anna from Vivianna Does Makeup talk about the Olay Complete Everyday Sunshine Moisturiser I thought it would be the perfect way to avoid that scenario, but my skin broke out worse than it has in a while and I hardly saw any difference in colour. Another Anna recommendation that I flippin love is the Zoeva Cocoa Blend Palette. The colour selection is perfect for me, there is a good mix of lighter and darker shades with some mattes and shimmers, plus the quality is brilliant for the price too.

I've fallen for MACs Soft and Gentle again, you can tell by the packaging that I've had mine a while. I can't remember who specifically mentioned this as it was years ago but it is just such a pretty highlighter and I'm yet to find a cheaper (less painfully priced) alternative that matches the quality and shade. Last but not least I have to mention Twig, a new addition to the old MAC lipstick collection but I'm reaching for it every day. I went home for Christmas and left this at uni and I really missed it, it perks up my pale face and adds subtle colour.

What blogger recommended products have you picked up recently?


Gucci Bamboo Perfume Review

I have a couple of scents that remind me of particular times in my life and admitidly ones that make me feel a little bit "sassy,". Perfume is such a massive deal to me, it is the last beauty essential I use before I leave the house and it takes "getting ready," to "being ready." I'm a floral fragrance kind of gal, some of my favourites being Paul Smith Floral, Alien, Stella, Swarovski Aura, Jo Malone Peony and Blush Suede. I opt for florals with musky or woody under notes so they still feel sexy and not the old school sort of floral scent.

Once I smelt Gucci Bamboo I knew it would fit right into my collection as the light weight yet sophisticated day time scent I was missing. This is more of a spring/ summer scent so perfect for the coming months. It is a woody floral scent so whilst being feminine is also strong, which I love!

Top notes: Italian Bergamot, Orange Blosson
Heart: Casablanca Lily, Ylang Ylang
Base: Deep Sadalwood, Tahitian Vanilla and Amber

One thing I always want to know about a perfume is how long lasting it is, this is the first scent where I can actually smell it a few hours after still lingering on my skin, so an absolute winner in that sense, although worth noting I do have the EDP over the EDT.

What has been your favourite perfume of the moment?
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