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Things I’ve Learnt in 2015

(Christmas meal set up 2015)

Happy New Years Eve! I was in the middle of some coursework when I had a brain wave to write this, so here I am once again procrastinating and writing about all the things I’ve learnt this year…

Being in my 3rd year plus studying Psychology means a lot of work and stress. This year I’ve realised how hard I can be on myself, always worrying about how well I’m doing and having no self belief, basically I need to learn to chill
Buying a Nutribullet or any sort of green juice making machine will not make me healthy, and it won’t be used everyday as I expected it would. It is a lot of effort…

Buying clothes in River Island full price is a massive heart breaking mistake, everything instore goes on sale and every year you make the same mistake, save your money Jodie…

Emails from my favourite shops are actually evil, did I really need that pair of Zara boots that are exactly the same as some I already have?… maybe, but I’m still unsubscribing from all online shopping emails and getting with the capsule wardrobe thing next year. This is in the hope of saving money for my holiday to Vegas.

I started taking my blog seriously back in May, when the days were long and skies weren’t all that bad, then October came along and I realised bad lighting is a real pain for photos. I dislike a dark and dingy #flatlay, I would rather just not have a photo (throws camera on the floor and storms off in a strop).

Latte art is called art for a very good reason. I started a part time job as a barista in September, have I mastered latte art yet? No.

I cannot go a week without my weekly The Michalaks fix, I’m one of those people sat there ready waiting for their vlog to be uploaded on the Sunday, the vlogs are hilarious, intelligent and beautifully edited!

I would love to know what you’ve learnt this year?

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