Estee Lauder Double Wear Light Review

The first ever highend foundation I bought around 4 years ago was Estee Lauders Double Wear, seems like a drastic choice for a 16 year old but my skin was so oily and prone to blemishes I wanted something long lasting and full coverage. I remember feeling amazing holding the luxurious bottle and using my trusty real techniques expert face brush to transform my skin, it went from having uneven pigmentation and blemishes to a pretty much perfect looking base. My confidence grew and my love for double wear started, 4 years later my skin is completely different, the blemishes I get are usually around my chin and sometimes on my cheeks, no where near as bad as I used to experience. I haven’t used double wear every day since then, but on those days I needed some real help, I turned to it (and still do).

I had been wanting to try double wear light for a while, after watching Lisa Eldridge do a video on blemish and acne prone skin it just confirmed that for everyday I needed to ditch the full coverage foundation, and be happy with the areas on my face that were blemish free. My one issue with a lot of foundations if the longevity, ain’t no good to me if it looks good at first and a patchy mess an hour later, this became a reoccurring problem with so many expensive and inexpensive foundations.

Estée Lauder Double Wear Light is exactly what I needed. The consistency is a little more creamy feeling than the original double wear, this makes it so easy to blend a smooth over my skin. I apply about a 5p piece amount on the back of my hand and start by applying it on my nose and work outwards, straight away the redness around my nose is covered and a light/medium coverage is left blurring out any pores or small imperfections, then I apply a small amount to my forehead (luckily I don’t get spots there any more so I don’t need as much coverage). Depending on how my skin is doing I’ll apply this to my chin aswel and just use concealer, but sometimes I use the original double wear here.

This foundation feels so comfortable and is lightweight on my skin. The coverage isn’t obvious making it perfect for every day use. The finish I can only describe as natural looking, it isn’t particularly dewy but if I’ve been using any chemical exfoliants on my skin the radiance that they leave my skin with isn’t totally covered, which is amazing. One issue I also have is some skincare products can leave my skin with dry patches, but this doesn’t cling to them at all, phew! After 7 hours of wearing this foundation I was so happy (and a little shocked) to see it still in place, having oily skin is a stress so many times throughout the day I’ll be wondering how my foundation looks. The one thing I would change about this foundation is the shade range, 9 shades isn’t enough and I guess a few people won’t find a match.

Im definitely going to be wearing this foundation to Christmas parties aswel as in the day, I’m so impressed by how long wearing it is and how it provides a nice coverage whilst still looking natural at the same time. I’m hoping this suits all skin types as it is such a nice foundation to have in your collection, but for oily skin/ normal skin girls I can say it is a definite winner!

John Lewis also have this on offer for £26.55 at the minute!

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