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Tag: Blogging Highlights of 2015

Prepare to be overloaded with the words blog, blogging and bloggers. I really wanted to create a post that conceptualised this whole year of blogging for me. In May 2015 I decided to share my little place on the internet with social media, which has allowed me to speak to other bloggers and become involved in such a fab community! Getting myself involved has really kept me motivated, not to mention a new found love for flat lays, I’m always trying to think of new ways to perfect a flippin’ flat lay. This year has been such a good year for my blog and myself, so I thought it would be nice to look at the highlights. I would also love it if anyone fancies joining in and doing this post for themselves, please comment or let me know on twitter or instagram!

1) Favourite month of blogging from 2015

I’m a student so over summer I took full advantage of having more free time and managed to post once every other day throughout August. I love blogging so having the time to produce more was fab, I really miss that. Taking photos was also so much easier, which I think made a massive difference. My boyfriend also came back from working away, for 4 months, so I think that might have something to do with it being my favourite…

2) Most popular post of the year

When I heard about the Fleur De Force and Eylure collab I may aswel have jumped up and down with excitement, the “Fleur Loves,” lashes are my absolute go to now. I must have been one of the first to write a post and review the lashes and Fleur was lovely enough to give me a good’ol retweet, before I knew it my post had been viewed by so many people. It was exciting as it was only a few months into taking my blog more seriously.

3) Posts that you are proud of 

The Fleur de Force lashes review, because I plucked up the courage to uploads photos of myself wearing the lashes (I was so nervous to do that!)… Another is a post I wrote about achieving a dewy finish when you have oily skin (here) I was happy to share my experience with having oily skin and I feel like it is something that isn’t spoken about that much, having oily skin does not always mean having a matte looking finish!

4) Stand out blogging moments this year

Getting involved with the social media side of everything was a massive step for me, I love chatting to other bloggers. I hosted one of the bbloggers chats which I was really nervous about but it was so much fun. I also hosted a giveaway which I have wanted to do for ages, I wanted to give something back to all you lovely people that comment on my posts and give my blog a read.

5) Things to change/ improve in 2016

There are so many things I want to improve, I think later on next year I’ll invest in a better camera. I love the photography side of blogging and I’m really starting to notice how crap my camera actually is. Another change that will be happening sooner is a complete redesign, I have my eye on a few different options, I feel like a change! I also really want to meet other bloggers in 2016, that is going on my to do list.

6)  Favourite blogs/ bloggers of 2015

There are so many lovely people I’ve been able to chat to through blogging. I’ve compiled a list of the blogs I’ve been loving this year.

Sophie Lauren 

Jasmine Harding Makeup

Beauty With Charm

Jasmine Talks Beauty

Lauren Selwood


Pearls and Poodles

Hannah Maggs

Pint Sized Beauty

Beneath the Brush

I hope you’re all feeling festive by now! If you don’t want to do the tag let me know some of your 2015 blogging highlights…

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