Eylure Advent Calender Review

I was lucky enough to win this gorgeous advent calender from Eylure. Let’s get one thing straight, I’m still a massive fan of the good old chocolate advent calenders ( I have two this year…) but I agree that beauty advent calenders are a pretty good way to try out new products.

The calender comes with 12 pairs of lashes and a full sized glue and I usually reuse them a few times if I can save them, so I’m sorted for a good while with these! This is also the perfect time for me to have plenty of eyelashes, Christmas makeup isn’t complete without lashes. There are only three pairs I’m not keen on which have been donated to some of the girls I live with (no 101, 083, 107 + 100), they are a little too dramatic for me. The others I am so excited to try, I usually go for a wispie style like the 035 and 117 in the picture above, but I’m really looking forward to trying a different look, especially 116 as they are more defined (I’m thinking with a cat eye they will look gorgeous).

Eylure are my favourite brand of lashes, they’re such good quality and although they are usually around the £5 I can always get around 3 uses out of them by just removing the glue after I’ve used them. The lashes are good quality so easy to wear and don’t feel heavy on my eyes like other lashes I have used in the past. The glue is a good’un aswel, I’ve used it for years and my lashes always stay on securely, I always have a fear of my eyelashs coming off in the corner so I don’t use anything else.

If you are looking for lashes to wear over this festive season I definitely recommend Eylure as a brand, they have so many different styles to suit any look as dramatic or low key as you like. For anyone who hasn’t worn lashes before and isn’t sure of what to go for I think the Fleur De Force “Fleur Loves” lashes are perfect, they’re so comfortable.

I’ll be posting lots of Christmas makeup looks on my Instagram over the festive period wearing the lashes featured here! My Instagram is jodiemelissamoores



    January 29, 2018Reply

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    Wilhelm Duncan

    January 30, 2018Reply

    Never heard about this kind of advent calendars. My girlfriend is using eyelashes occasionally on different holidays or “go out evenings”. I read your post and googled, it’s magnificent. All the things are good, both shapes of eyelashes and design of box are great. Think it will be a nice Valentine present for my love one, thank you. If she only knew that, I can’t write my term paper for 2 weeks already, she would know what can be a good present for me.

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