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Cocoa Brown… New Fake Tan Favourite!

To be honest fake tanning is a chore to me, I can never be bothered to exfoliate and moisturise to make sure I’m not going to look like a milky white and tan reptile. For around a year I have only really used Dove Summer Glow, which for a gradual tan is my favourite and I’ll still stick by it, but I needed a good instant tan in my life for those last minute “quick I need to be tanned,” moments.

The Cocoa Brown 1 Hour Tan Mousse, is possibly the best instant fake tan I’ve tried! I have used everything from St Moriz to St Tropez and nothing has beat this yet. The colour is dark but natural enough to pull it off (even being as pale as I am). Some fake tans leave my skin feeling tight and dry and cling to any dry patches, this one doesn’t, I wouldn’t go as far as saying it is moisturising but it definitely hasn’t made my skin any worse. The consistency is a mousse which I have used before but this resembles a hair mousse as it is light weight, it blends easily and quickly on my skin so I’m not hanging around for ages waiting for it to dry. One tip with this, give it a shake before you dispense the product, other wise (like I did) you could have product squirting out in all directions, plus it mixes the tanning elements with everything else in the bottle.

I can be pretty unorganised so the fact this develops in a hour means I’ll never have to look like Casper at a party again. Another usual pet hate about fake tan is the dog biscuit smell, this product isn’t completely free of it at first but once I wash it off the smell goes. I honestly can say this will be constantly repurchased, I almost want to put it in my 2015 Favourites post even though I’ve been using it for 3 weeks!

What is your favourite instant fake tanner?

Lastly Happy Christmas Eve! You can find me on Instagram jodiemelissamoores or Twitter jodiemelissaxo

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