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Things I've Learnt in 2015

(Christmas meal set up 2015)

Happy New Years Eve! I was in the middle of some coursework when I had a brain wave to write this, so here I am once again procrastinating and writing about all the things I've learnt this year...

Being in my 3rd year plus studying Psychology means a lot of work and stress. This year I've realised how hard I can be on myself, always worrying about how well I'm doing and having no self belief, basically I need to learn to chill

Buying a Nutribullet or any sort of green juice making machine will not make me healthy, and it won't be used everyday as I expected it would. It is a lot of effort...

Buying clothes in River Island full price is a massive heart breaking mistake, everything instore goes on sale and every year you make the same mistake, save your money Jodie...

Emails from my favourite shops are actually evil, did I really need that pair of Zara boots that are exactly the same as some I already have?... maybe, but I'm still unsubscribing from all online shopping emails and getting with the capsule wardrobe thing next year. This is in the hope of saving money for my holiday to Vegas.

I started taking my blog seriously back in May, when the days were long and skies weren't all that bad, then October came along and I realised bad lighting is a real pain for photos. I dislike a dark and dingy #flatlay, I would rather just not have a photo (throws camera on the floor and storms off in a strop).

Latte art is called art for a very good reason. I started a part time job as a barista in September, have I mastered latte art yet? No.

I cannot go a week without my weekly The Michalaks fix, I'm one of those people sat there ready waiting for their vlog to be uploaded on the Sunday, the vlogs are hilarious, intelligent and beautifully edited!

I would love to know what you've learnt this year?


2015 Beauty Discoveries

I feel like this year there has been some really big discoveries for me, finding two new favourite lipsticks, managing to have skin that is actually blemish free and getting a new shorter do has meant finding new products that I have really fallen in love with. I'm going to try and keep this short and sweet, I have more than likely posted a full review so I will leave a link to them as I go along.

I'm starting with skincare, my first discovery is the First Aid Beauty Daily Face Cream, I used to use moisturiser here and there thinking my oily skin didn't really need it. Since having this and slotting it into my skincare regime it has made so much difference to the texture and moisture levels in my skin. My skin looks more plump and hydrated. The Avene Cleanance Expert is another product that has made a massive difference, the under the skin lumps I used to have on my skin are starting to disapear and I'm not breaking out nearly half as much, it is honestly a wonder product that has lifted my confidence with my skin.

I always want my hair to look thick and fuller than it really is, a product that has seriously helped me with that is the TRESemme Perfectly Undone Sea Foam. It's a bit odd as it is like a sea salt spray in mousse form, but it leaves my hair having amazing texture and volume without weighing it down. I didn't like hairspray for a while as it reminded me of the days when I would have spiral curls solid with the stuff for school discos. The got2b Volumizing Hairspray helped me change my mind as it actually helps give more volume without look crunchy and brushes out easily, it smells amazing too!

The Soap and Glory "scrub of your life" has been a little God send, not too harsh that I'm leaving my skin feeling dry and sensitive but just a really good exfoliant that does the job of providing smooth skin and getting rid of any remaining fake tan. I also love that it comes in a tube rather than a pot, I find those big pots with the screw top lids are a faff!

Lipsticks now, ahh... They look quite boring actually and something that I wouldn't have ever thought I would wear this time last year. Firstly the absolute star of the show Charlotte Tilbury Bond Girl I talk about this way too much but it just really suits me as far as a nude/ brown lip goes. Amazing formulation and it goes with any makeup look my heart desires. I feel like I've found a really fab mascara this year that ticks all the boxes. The Maybelline Lash Sensational doesn't smudge, gives me volume, length and separation plus isn't too much hard work removing it, I don't ask for anything else really.

Last but not least is the Zoeva Cocoa Blend Palette, 100% the palette of the year for me. The shade range is gorgeous, for me this makes the perfect travel palette as it houses a few matte shades and then a mix of light to dark shimmery shades that are wearable and look lovely together. The pigmentation and staying power are good, £15.50 on BeautyBay, ya'll need it! For brows all I have reached for is the powder in the L'oreal Brow Artist Kit, I feel like high street brands have stepped up their game with brow products this year as this is the perfect shade and tone for me, and I just find powder easiest to work with.

I've had such a fun year blogging this year, I've discovered so many products mostly down to fellow bloggers. Thank you for all the support, I'm excited for what 2016 has to bring!

What are some of your favourite discoveries this year?


Christmas Presents 2015

I'm currently catching up on Youtube vids with a cup of tea and a bacon sandwich, absolutely perfect! I'm always lucky come Christmas as my family, friends and boyfriend are very generous. I thought I would share some of my Christmas gifts as no doubt they will be getting full mentions on here throughout January, this is basically a sneak peek of the reviews to come!

The Urban Decay Naked Smoky Palette is right out of my comfort zone, I'm a warm toned. bronzed eye makeup kinda gal so I am really excited to start experimenting with this. The colours are gorgeous and I know I can trust the quality of Urban Decay eyeshadows. Plus, I think UD are the only brand to actually give you a decent eyeshadow brush!? This one looks pretty promising. My nails have been awful for a while now as they are so thin and break easily, I was happy to open the OPI Nail Envy, I've heard so many good things about it so fingers crossed it works for me.

Christmas isn't quite Christmas without a little bit of Lush, it is like a roast dinner without the stuffing, it just isn't allowed. The bubble bar Holly Golightly (all sold out now, sorry!) smells spicy, does anyone remember those Atomic Fireblast sweets? (give it a google I bet you do) it smells exactly like them! The bath goes green and the cinnamon scent is so festive, I'll be picking this up next year to have again. Snow Fairy is a classic, a little too sweet in the mornings for me but nice in the evening. Something new I've never tried is the Nyx Soft Matte Lip Creme's this one is in "Prague", this is really cute as I actually went to Prague in November, so quite a thoughtful gift. The colour is like nothing else I own, it is a berry toned pink with a little purple in there too, really unique to other berry lip colours I've seen. I'm loving the formulation of this and will be picking up more shades in the new year for £5.50 you can't go wrong!

Soap and Glory Hand Food saves me, I love this mini from one of their sets I received. It really keeps my hands nourished without feeling greasy. Everyone needs one in their handbag, it makes the perfect stocking filler!

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas, was there anything beauty related that you received this year?


Cocoa Brown... New Fake Tan Favourite!

To be honest fake tanning is a chore to me, I can never be bothered to exfoliate and moisturise to make sure I'm not going to look like a milky white and tan reptile. For around a year I have only really used Dove Summer Glow, which for a gradual tan is my favourite and I'll still stick by it, but I needed a good instant tan in my life for those last minute "quick I need to be tanned," moments.

The Cocoa Brown 1 Hour Tan Mousse, is possibly the best instant fake tan I've tried! I have used everything from St Moriz to St Tropez and nothing has beat this yet. The colour is dark but natural enough to pull it off (even being as pale as I am). Some fake tans leave my skin feeling tight and dry and cling to any dry patches, this one doesn't, I wouldn't go as far as saying it is moisturising but it definitely hasn't made my skin any worse. The consistency is a mousse which I have used before but this resembles a hair mousse as it is light weight, it blends easily and quickly on my skin so I'm not hanging around for ages waiting for it to dry. One tip with this, give it a shake before you dispense the product, other wise (like I did) you could have product squirting out in all directions, plus it mixes the tanning elements with everything else in the bottle.

I can be pretty unorganised so the fact this develops in a hour means I'll never have to look like Casper at a party again. Another usual pet hate about fake tan is the dog biscuit smell, this product isn't completely free of it at first but once I wash it off the smell goes. I honestly can say this will be constantly repurchased, I almost want to put it in my 2015 Favourites post even though I've been using it for 3 weeks!

What is your favourite instant fake tanner?

Lastly Happy Christmas Eve! You can find me on Instagram jodiemelissamoores or Twitter jodiemelissaxo


Daily Makeup: Festive Updates

Everyones going crazy for Christmas party makeup, but during the festive period I like to glam up my everyday makeup slightly. I recently reviewed the Eylure Advent Calender which has definitely made me become slightly obsessed with lashes, here I'm wearing 020 which are really natural looking and just add extra volume which I've really been loving. I never usually wear eyeshadow during the day but around this time of year I always reach for the Urban Decay Naked Palette to add a subtle smokey eye by using Virgin in the inner corner, Half Baked all over the lid and a mixture of Naked and Buck in the crease. Half Baked is one of my all time favourite eyeshadows for the festive season, it's a gold with flexes of gold glitter and shimmer running through it, so nice!

Another makeup change is highlighter, I always wear highlighter but usually something more subtle, but MAC's Soft and Gentle is making an appearance in my makeup routine again. The pink undertones really compliment my skintone, in the pan it looks almost glittery which is never a good look, but on the skin that doesn't transfer. My lips have become a little dry from the cold weather so I've been wearing the Clarins Natural Lip Perfector in 04 Petal Shimmer to add some colour and moisture at the same time. These live in the bottom of my handbag and amongst all the other lip products it is definitely these I reach for the most.

I hope you're all having a lovely Christmas, have you made any festive changes to your everyday makeup? You can also find me on Instagram: jodiemelissamooress and Twitter jodiemelissaxo 


Eylure Advent Calender Review

I was lucky enough to win this gorgeous advent calender from Eylure. Let's get one thing straight, I'm still a massive fan of the good old chocolate advent calenders ( I have two this year...) but I agree that beauty advent calenders are a pretty good way to try out new products.

The calender comes with 12 pairs of lashes and a full sized glue and I usually reuse them a few times if I can save them, so I'm sorted for a good while with these! This is also the perfect time for me to have plenty of eyelashes, Christmas makeup isn't complete without lashes. There are only three pairs I'm not keen on which have been donated to some of the girls I live with (no 101, 083, 107 + 100), they are a little too dramatic for me. The others I am so excited to try, I usually go for a wispie style like the 035 and 117 in the picture above, but I'm really looking forward to trying a different look, especially 116 as they are more defined (I'm thinking with a cat eye they will look gorgeous).

Eylure are my favourite brand of lashes, they're such good quality and although they are usually around the £5 I can always get around 3 uses out of them by just removing the glue after I've used them. The lashes are good quality so easy to wear and don't feel heavy on my eyes like other lashes I have used in the past. The glue is a good'un aswel, I've used it for years and my lashes always stay on securely, I always have a fear of my eyelashs coming off in the corner so I don't use anything else.

If you are looking for lashes to wear over this festive season I definitely recommend Eylure as a brand, they have so many different styles to suit any look as dramatic or low key as you like. For anyone who hasn't worn lashes before and isn't sure of what to go for I think the Fleur De Force "Fleur Loves" lashes are perfect, they're so comfortable.

I'll be posting lots of Christmas makeup looks on my Instagram over the festive period wearing the lashes featured here! My Instagram is jodiemelissamoores


Estee Lauder Double Wear Light Review

The first ever highend foundation I bought around 4 years ago was Estee Lauders Double Wear, seems like a drastic choice for a 16 year old but my skin was so oily and prone to blemishes I wanted something long lasting and full coverage. I remember feeling amazing holding the luxurious bottle and using my trusty real techniques expert face brush to transform my skin, it went from having uneven pigmentation and blemishes to a pretty much perfect looking base. My confidence grew and my love for double wear started, 4 years later my skin is completely different, the blemishes I get are usually around my chin and sometimes on my cheeks, no where near as bad as I used to experience. I haven't used double wear every day since then, but on those days I needed some real help, I turned to it (and still do).

I had been wanting to try double wear light for a while, after watching Lisa Eldridge do a video on blemish and acne prone skin it just confirmed that for everyday I needed to ditch the full coverage foundation, and be happy with the areas on my face that were blemish free. My one issue with a lot of foundations if the longevity, ain't no good to me if it looks good at first and a patchy mess an hour later, this became a reoccurring problem with so many expensive and inexpensive foundations.

Estée Lauder Double Wear Light is exactly what I needed. The consistency is a little more creamy feeling than the original double wear, this makes it so easy to blend a smooth over my skin. I apply about a 5p piece amount on the back of my hand and start by applying it on my nose and work outwards, straight away the redness around my nose is covered and a light/medium coverage is left blurring out any pores or small imperfections, then I apply a small amount to my forehead (luckily I don't get spots there any more so I don't need as much coverage). Depending on how my skin is doing I'll apply this to my chin aswel and just use concealer, but sometimes I use the original double wear here.

This foundation feels so comfortable and is lightweight on my skin. The coverage isn't obvious making it perfect for every day use. The finish I can only describe as natural looking, it isn’t particularly dewy but if I've been using any chemical exfoliants on my skin the radiance that they leave my skin with isn't totally covered, which is amazing. One issue I also have is some skincare products can leave my skin with dry patches, but this doesn't cling to them at all, phew! After 7 hours of wearing this foundation I was so happy (and a little shocked) to see it still in place, having oily skin is a stress so many times throughout the day I'll be wondering how my foundation looks. The one thing I would change about this foundation is the shade range, 9 shades isn't enough and I guess a few people won't find a match.

Im definitely going to be wearing this foundation to Christmas parties aswel as in the day, I'm so impressed by how long wearing it is and how it provides a nice coverage whilst still looking natural at the same time. I'm hoping this suits all skin types as it is such a nice foundation to have in your collection, but for oily skin/ normal skin girls I can say it is a definite winner!

John Lewis also have this on offer for £26.55 at the minute!


Christmas Gift Guide: High End Beauty

These are the staple makeup bits in my collection that are also fab gifts for anyone that is even slightly into their makeup. I'll kick it all off with eyes, the Urban Decay Primer Potion is a must, it makes any eyeshadow last so much longer and gives such good colour pay off, this is the perfect stocking filler or a good one if you are on a budget. Looking back I'm not quite sure how I lasted without the Urban Decay Naked Palette in my life for so long. What I love about it is all the different looks I can create, the two matte shades mean I don't really need anything else. This palette with a staple blending brush (Yep that is MAC's 217) is all you need to create an amazing eye look. It may seem quite pricey but the quality of the eyeshadows is unbeatable, it's like touching butter....

Another beauty gift is the Benefit They're Real Mascara, I wanted to dislike this because everyone hyped it up so much, but it's an all rounder (lengthens, gives volume, separation, doesn't smudge, lasts ages, doesn't leave any annoying black marks below my bottom lashes.. Perfect really). This makes the perfect gift as high end mascaras to me always feel like a luxury. A more affordable mascara I'm obsessed with at the minute is the Maybelline Lash Sensational, it provides volume and length... A combination of these two always gives me goooooooood lashes.

Just after my lipstick obsession is highlighters, they're my new babies. A classic that my collection wouldn't be without is MAC's Mineralize Skinfinish in Soft and Gentle. I remember my boyfriend buying me this Christmas 2012 and I was so chuffed with it, this is the perfect safe option as it looks gorgeous on everyone. Anyone that is a makeup wearer needs that one luxurious (stupidly priced) lipstick they wear when they need a pick me up, Charlotte Tilbury is the brand I reach for when I'm feeling rubbish and want to feel human again. The Matte Revolution lipsticks have the best formulation, staying power and most amazing shade range you could ask for. Although it can be hard picking a lipstick shade I think something classic like Bond Girl, Red Carpet Red or Love Liberty are shades pretty much everyone will love.

Lastly a fab stocking filler is nail polish, there are some really nice sets around (TK MAxx is the place for cheap sets) but a couple of single nail polishes are also a winner to receive at Christmas. The Sleek Loves Gel Nails polishes are not highend but I am so impressed by the quality I wanted to include them in this, they are long lasting and opaque with amazing shine like a salon finish, for £4.99 you can't go wrong.

Have you bought any highend beauty gifts for anyone this year?

Keep up with me on Instagram: jodiemelissamoores and twitter: jodiemelissaxo between posts!


Tag: Blogging Highlights of 2015

Prepare to be overloaded with the words blog, blogging and bloggers. I really wanted to create a post that conceptualised this whole year of blogging for me. In May 2015 I decided to share my little place on the internet with social media, which has allowed me to speak to other bloggers and become involved in such a fab community! Getting myself involved has really kept me motivated, not to mention a new found love for flat lays, I'm always trying to think of new ways to perfect a flippin' flat lay. This year has been such a good year for my blog and myself, so I thought it would be nice to look at the highlights. I would also love it if anyone fancies joining in and doing this post for themselves, please comment or let me know on twitter or instagram!

1) Favourite month of blogging from 2015

I'm a student so over summer I took full advantage of having more free time and managed to post once every other day throughout August. I love blogging so having the time to produce more was fab, I really miss that. Taking photos was also so much easier, which I think made a massive difference. My boyfriend also came back from working away, for 4 months, so I think that might have something to do with it being my favourite...

2) Most popular post of the year

When I heard about the Fleur De Force and Eylure collab I may aswel have jumped up and down with excitement, the "Fleur Loves," lashes are my absolute go to now. I must have been one of the first to write a post and review the lashes and Fleur was lovely enough to give me a good'ol retweet, before I knew it my post had been viewed by so many people. It was exciting as it was only a few months into taking my blog more seriously.

3) Posts that you are proud of 

The Fleur de Force lashes review, because I plucked up the courage to uploads photos of myself wearing the lashes (I was so nervous to do that!)... Another is a post I wrote about achieving a dewy finish when you have oily skin (here) I was happy to share my experience with having oily skin and I feel like it is something that isn't spoken about that much, having oily skin does not always mean having a matte looking finish!

4) Stand out blogging moments this year

Getting involved with the social media side of everything was a massive step for me, I love chatting to other bloggers. I hosted one of the bbloggers chats which I was really nervous about but it was so much fun. I also hosted a giveaway which I have wanted to do for ages, I wanted to give something back to all you lovely people that comment on my posts and give my blog a read.

5) Things to change/ improve in 2016

There are so many things I want to improve, I think later on next year I'll invest in a better camera. I love the photography side of blogging and I'm really starting to notice how crap my camera actually is. Another change that will be happening sooner is a complete redesign, I have my eye on a few different options, I feel like a change! I also really want to meet other bloggers in 2016, that is going on my to do list.

6)  Favourite blogs/ bloggers of 2015

There are so many lovely people I've been able to chat to through blogging. I've compiled a list of the blogs I've been loving this year.

I hope you're all feeling festive by now! If you don't want to do the tag let me know some of your 2015 blogging highlights...

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