Prague in Pictures

(taken from my instagram; jodiemelissamoores)

Prague has to be one of the most beautiful cities I have visited, I feel so lucky! I have been prettttty stressed lately so taking this break was much needed. I feel like if you want a luxury experience but on a budget it is the perfect place to visit. 


The view from the metronome… By far my favourite photo from the whole holiday! The Vltava River is stunning, we took a boat trip along the river and I was speechless for the majority of it. One thing I really love about Prague is the history, all of the different districts offer something different. The old cathedrals and cute cafes make it such a beautiful romantic city. Either side of the river has something different to offer.


An example of one of the gorgeous buildings dotted around Prague. I took this photo from the boat cruise, where (get ready for this) I also saw a husband and wife have their wedding photos took on the river bank! There was about 100 swans surrounding them, she was wearing a gorgeous white dress and I wanted to cry.


My boyfriend was confused as to why I was taking this photo, but something about this scene felt so Parisian and sassy I couldn’t resist. I wish I knew that man so I could give him this photo. This was on Charles bridge which is the most famous bridge in Prague, worth going in the morning when it is nice and quite.


Again that same river, I like this photo because it looks peaceful! It made me think a lot about how busy I have been lately and to just take a step back and make time for myself, random but it shows how a picture can speak a thousand words (I’ll stop now as I’m aware how cringy this is).


An example of some of the quirky places to dine in Prague, The Hanger is tucked away down a little side street. There are so many lovely places to visit that are quite hidden from central areas, I think researching for places to eat and drink is one of the best things to do before a visit, clearly summing up my priorities.


I’m sorry but who doesn’t love horses and Cartier jewellery? Although I did approach a horse and nearly got my hand nibbled off. This was taken in the old town square where is also a must see if you visit Prague.


We stayed at The Kings Court Hotel and decided to have breakfast included to cut the costs down and as this picture shows it definitely doesn’t disappoint. Anything and everything was served, I was going to bed excited to wake up to the breakfast buffet! The room itself was spacious and comfy, the bathroom was a bloggers dream filled with marble tiles and big mirrors. We decided to treat ourselves and use the Spa too, which I think is a must given it is in the hotel. It was also in the perfect location, literally next door to the palladium where inside they have Sephora… All in all a lovely hotel with really lovely staff too.

I think the pictures speak for themselves, the perfect European city break I think! I”m also going to be uploading a “what I wore in Prague” post which I’m a little nervous about, but I get to write about my holiday again so…

Where is your favourite destination for a city break?

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