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MAC Lip Haul

If you follow me on Instagram you’ll have seen I took a trip to Prague this week (it was amazing, I have some posts all about it coming up next week). For me the holiday starts at the airport, overly excited by duty free I headed straight to MAC in the hope of updating my lipstick collection. Being a massive fan of MAC’s Brave (satin finish, dirty pink/mauve shade) I wanted something that was slightly darker and more autumnal. I had one of those moments where I had a good browse then started picking out at random, the first lipstick I picked out was Twig. Twig was exactly what I was looking for, described as a “soft muted brownish- pink” it is one of those perfect wearable colours that looks fab with any makeup. A satin finish is my favourite as the colour shows up exactly as it looks in the bullet but doesn’t show up any dry patches on the lips like a matte finish does. 

After watching Jess (Sunbeamsjess) talk about her MAC lip liner collection it inspired me to start thinking more about lip liners and how they can be used as lipsticks or to change lipsticks I already have in my collection. I picked out two lip liners that I thought would work well under a lot of shades I already have. The most well known of the two is Spice and I can see why, it is described as a “pink cinnamon stick” shade on the website but I feel like it is much deeper than that and more on the nude/brown side rather than pink like the name suggests, this works so well under Twig bringing out the brown tones making it a more statement lip. I was looking for an everyday lipliner that will work with anything and I opted for Dervish, this liner pretty much matches my lip colour so works perfectly at just perfecting my lip shade and giving my lips an even finish. If I ever just want to wear a clear gloss or natural lip this is going to be perfect, definitely something that was missing from my current lip liner collection!

What are your favourite MAC lipsticks/ liners? I need to start making a Christmas list!

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