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Luminous Skin with Collection

Left: layered with the Mary-Lou Manizer on top, Right: on its own

Shade 1: Porcelain…. 

I feel like everyone knows and loves Collection for their lasting perfection concealer (plus that amazing new blusher and bronzer quad they have just released), but the brand actually has some other products that need some lovin too! With the majority of their products being under £5 my student back account is also kept happy…

I’ve wrote a post on achieving a luminous/ dewy finish before with mainly high end products mentioned so this is like the “on a budget” second part. Whenever anyone asks me on foundation recommendations if they don’t have oily skin I always recommend a dewy and illuminating finish, I think it looks stunning and natural. Annoyingly when you’ve got skin like me that is constantly oily it makes wearing those foundations a pretty impossible task (I know I ain’t got time to be blotting my face every 30 mins!). I tried the Collection Illuminating Touch Foundation* and for me it didn’t work, it is a light weight liquid foundation that did at first look really nice on my skin, it provided a luminous yet natural finish covering most of my redness well, but after an hour it started to separate and my oily skin wasn’t having none of it. I would suggest swatching this and trying it if you need an inexpensive foundation, definitely one for normal/ dry skin (not sure how well it would sit on dry patches, but it seemed to smooth over my skin pretty well) if you are on a budget and looking for a dewy light/ medium coverage foundation. I did also find this quite hard to colour match, I don’t know what “Porcelain” they have been looking at as the lightest shade is too dark!

Now on to the products that do work for me, the Collection Luminous Concealer* is a budget liquid highlighter/ concealer I’ve had in my collection for years. It does a fab job at adding a subtle reflection of light onto my skin, nothing shimmery and awkwardly obvious so perfect for more natural makeup days or layering with other products. I like to wear this over the top of a concealer under my eyes, it means I can have the full coverage from the concealer but in a more natural looking way with the highlighting element on top.

Anything easy to use I want in my life, so a highlighter in stick form is perfect! A swipe of the Collection Speedy Highlighter* at the tops of my cheek bones helps my skin look luminous, this is lovely and subtle for the day time. I feel like wearing highlighter in the right way is actually quite hard without making it look really obvious, but this is pretty fail safe and perfect for beginners as it blends easily and isn’t too much of an intense colour. I have the shade 01 Pearl Sheen, so as the name suggests it is a pale pink pearlescent shade, this looks especially lovely with theBalm’s Mary-lou manizer layered on top! I think this is definitely more for paler skin tones as it is quite fair on my skin.

Overall I am pretty impressed, I think the highlighter is gorgeous for a paler skin tone which I think is actually quite hard to find on a good one from the highstreet and the concealer is an old classic in my collection.

What are your favourite products for luminous skin? Are you a fan of Collection?

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