A Mini Sephora Haul

Granted this is a lot smaller than the typical Sephora hauls I’ve seen in the past, but having never tried anything from the brand I wanted to pick up a few bits that would give me an idea if I actually like them! I went to Prague recently and when I saw the Sephora sign the well known brands like ABH, Kat Von D and Tarte sprung to mind, I was seriously worried for my bank account! A little disappointed a lot of the products were similar or from brands I had never heard before, but ofcourse I still bought some bits.

Sephora Cream Lip Stain

I went for the shade Marvelous Mauve, it reminds me of Brave but slightly more pink, very similar to the Rimmel Kate Moss matte lipstick range in 101. I have come to the conclusion from this that I’m not actually that keen on lip stains! I tried the Rimmel Apocalips when they first came out and I had the same problem with them, firstly because of how difficult they are to apply, and secondly they just don’t last on me and end up showing any signs of dry lips that I have. I’m going to persist with this and try it a few more times, but for now I just can’t seem to make it work.

Sephora Eyeshadow

This alongside MACs Amber Lights is becoming my most reached for single eyeshadow. “Hollywood’s calling” is basically what I expect from every eyeshadow, really pigmented, long lasting (although I do use an eye primer every time I use eyeshadow) and blends well. I have been loving wearing this for nights out all over the lid and blended into the crease with a warm dark brown shade and then a lighter gold in the inner corner. This colour also looks amazing over the top of the Maybelline colour tattoo in On and On Bronze, if you like a lot of glitter and shimmer you’ll probably have a mini heart attack over it, I nearly did.

Sephora Blusher

If you a regular reader then you’ll know for some reason I don’t  didn’t like wearing blusher. I’m still well within in my comfort zone and always gravitate towards the first colour in any range, usually it’s a dirty rose shade that is pretty basic. I picked up the shade “Shame on you!” which you guessed it is a “rose” shade, it is matte which I love because if I want any shimmer I’ll just add a highlighter over the top. When I first used it I hate to be dramatic but it was a revelation, I couldn’t believe how much brighter my complexion looked and I went from ghostly to healthy. Yes it does look boring in the pan, but it works really well with my pale skin. The pigmentation is good but not to the point where it is difficult to work with, the colour is buildable which I think is best with a blush. I’m only wishing I had picked up more of these!

I think next year will be the next time I’m able to pop into a Sephora, what are your favourite products from there?

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