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Budget Felt Tip Eyeliner Roundup

There is nothing more annoying/ heartbreaking than your winged eyeliner being a let down, I’ll do the best smokey eye then ruin it with sloppy wing, it is just too much… I have compiled those that I have in my collection to do an overview, some are my favourites whilst others weren’t the best!

Starting with my least favourite and it is the Avon Super Extend Liquid Liner. This is only my least favourite because of the applicator, I find it really difficult to use a felt tip nip that doesn’t have any flexibility, and this is really stiff so it makes creating a wing a little harder. It is quite long lasting but I did see some cracking and smudging after around 7 hours (although I do have really oily skin).

I like the L’Oreal Superliner Ultra Precision, but my lack of skill means it makes getting winged liner right a bit of a stuggle. The formulation for this is one of my favourites, it is really long lasting and unlike the others in this post the tip is in a pot of liquid which I feel like makes my liner look blacker because I can get more product on the applicator.  I think this is perfect for anyone who doesn’t wear a wing, or is a liner pro!

This was the first liquid eyeliner I really liked as it meant I could do a semi acceptable wing. The Collection Extreme 24 Hour Felt Tip Liner is not only an absolute bargain but makes creating a wing quite easy. The formulation is okay, I can get a strong black line with this but I do like to intensify it with a black shadow on top, which I shouldn’t really have to do, so although not the blackest it does last a long time (definitely not 24 hours, unless you’re sitting still all day ).

My favourite of the lot is the L’oreal Superliner Perfect Slim Intense. The felt tip is really thin at the end making it a lot easier to get a really precise line, so applying this even for me is easy. Another thing that makes me repurchase this over others is how black the formulation is, I hate the look of watered down eye liner that some cheaper liquid liners give off. One slight let down for me is that this doesn’t wear that well, I will need to touch up after around 6 hours..

I have my eye one the Charlotte Tilbury liquid eye liner, but the price tag isn’t very student friendly! What are the best liquid eye liners you have tried? I think I’m still on the hunt for my favourite…

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