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Luminous Skin with TempleSpa

I have always been a bargain hunter but for anything beauty related with a high price tag I just can’t resist. Possibly I’m living beyond my means as a student but I’m a firm believer in you get what you pay for (most of the time). I was really kindly sent some products by the brand Templespa, before this I had only seen some mention of the brand in Instyle magazine as they raved about their remodelling and brightening mask (with veryyyy good reason too)

The products are all from the brands red carpet studio range and the focus is on creating a glowy and dewy looking finish, which I’m definitely all for, and I really like the fact that skincare has a focus aswel as makeup, nothing better than a natural looking glow rather than piling on a load of products that fake it (sorry about constant use of the word “glow”.. luminosity? you know what I mean). I’ve become quite fussy with my skincare and I’m wanting to use products with the best ingredients so I was also happy to see how well detailed the ingredients lists are for all of the products they sell, it is so handy that they explain the benefits of the ingredients.

The Big Reveal Glycolic Resurfacing Peel

After reading Caroline Hirons blog inside and out I knew I needed to introduce some chemical exfoliants into my skincare routine, and the difference has been the most noticeable I have ever seen! I can get a little lazy when it comes to masks because 10 minutes always feels like a life time to me, this mask takes a whole 50 seconds before you get to peel it off and see the results. My skin is left feeling soft and looking a lot brighter so I love using this as a mid week skin pick me up.

The Contourist – Skin Redmodelling & Brightening Mask

This is the first wrap on mask I’ve tried and I think I gave a couple of people a laugh on Snapchat because of it! Yes you will look scary/ really odd when you wear this but it is a real treat product. The light weight sheet is soaked in a serum enriched with some gorgeous ingredients that made a real difference in how healthy my skin looks. I naturally have dull skin with under the skin spots, I woke up the next morning after using this the evening before and my skin looked clear and was reflecting the light allll by itself! I’m not going to waffle on about the ingredients as I’m not an expert but the acids, extracts and natural ingredients that are within this serum would be perfect for a more mature skin to see a real difference in wrinkles and contours as it is a skin plumping miracle worker!

Glint Shadow Concealer

Firstly I just love under eye concealers that come with a brush attached, it makes it fuss free and easy to apply just the right amount of product. The formulation for this is exactly right for the job it needs to do, I would say it is a concealing/ highlighting hybrid, having good coverage to conceal dark circles but reflecting the light at the same time to cheat a decent nights sleep (which I’m needing a lot lately). Compared to some others I’ve tried the lasting power on this is amazing, and no creasing throughout the day aswel, I feel like some brands compromise on staying power with the sorts of concealers, but this product is like the best of both worlds.

Look On The Bright Side – Instant Radiance Booster

Radiance is like a magic word to me, I’m pulled in by literally anything making the claim! I’ve always really used a powder highlighter, having oily skin I just always thought it would be best, so I was really excited to try this. I haven’t stopped using this since I got it, because it is an inbetween shade of both a golden and pink toned highlighter it just looks so natural. It has changed my whole outlook on liquid highlighters as I think they give off a much more authentic looking glow compared to a powder that can look quite obvious (with the Mary-Lou Manizer being an exception). This also contains pomegranate, red clover, ginger and mint extracts that encourage brightness naturally, impressive huh!

Overall I am really impressed, the packaging is equally as nice as the products inside and although an investment it is skincare with fab ingredients that actually makes a difference.

What are your favourite products to help skin luminosity?

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