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Sunday Night Pamper Essentials

For me there is just something therapeutic about having a good chill out and pamper on a Sunday, new week new me! I like to interchange a lot of the products I use, but these are always the ones I come back to when I want to wake up feelin' good Monday morning. I always start with cleansing my face, and off course it is the Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish (£15.50) that just does it for me. The eucalyptus is fresh and calming and the creamy texture makes it easy to cleanse and get my skin clean without stripping it and leaving to dry and tight.

I don't always have baths (don't worry I shower inbetween) so I go all out when I do, I like to use two bath bombs but the one that goes in each and every time is Lush Butterball (£2.65). This bath bomb has pieces of cocoa butter in it that leave my skin feeling really soft, even after having a shower the next day my skin is like a babies! I think if your skin is sensitive and you don't want the usual crazy things from Lush then this is perfect. The Temple Spa Big Reveal (£40), ahh this product makes me happy! It is a glycolic resurfacing peel which is the first of its kind I have tried, unbelievably applying this and seeing the results takes less than 2 minutes. My skin is left feeling soft and radiant, when I use this I notice the next day my makeup sits smoother and applies better to my skin, it has become a wonder product for me.

The final stages are always kept beside my bed to use before I go to sleep. I definitely wouldn't be able to wear matte lipsticks without the Nuxe Reve De Miel lip balm (£9.50). In the evening I like to use something rich and intense. I wake up in the morning and I can still feel this balm working its magic, if you have dry lips and have tried everything but this, then it is worth a go. it seems quite pricey compared to the usual lip balm, but you get what you pay for in this case! Lastly I apply the Sally Hansen Nail Oil (£6.20), this is a fairly new step in my routine because my nails have annoyingly started flaking and thinning. So far this oil has managed to keep my cuticles softer and my nails in better condition.

What are your Sunday night pamper essentials?


A/W 2015 Fashion and Beauty Essentials

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This post has been a long time coming! I am obsessed with A/W fashion and makeup so it makes sense for me to bring together all my favourites and share them in one (massive) blog post. 


Brown/ nude lips

I kind of wished summer away just so I could crack out some of my favourite dark nude shades. Frequently mentioned on my blog is Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution lipstick in Bond Girl, and I just had to include this here because I have been itching to wear it. an alternative for me is the Rimmel Lasting Finish lipliner in Spice all over my lips with some of Coffee Bean in the outer corners then a little bit of MACs Honeylove dabbed on top (honeylove is way too pale for me to wear it on it's own). A little more effort to make this look sleek, but it is worth it!

Two others that are a little less pricey are MAC's Velvet Teddy and Revlons "Mink". Obviously you've all heard of Velvet Teddy, but I couldn't not include it. Similar to the formulation of CT Bond Girl it glides on and leaves a matte finish that isn't at all drying, so perfect for the colder months. Revlons "Mink" is for when I want a glossy finish, it is such a rich colour that I love pairing with black eyeliner and heaps of mascara. The formulation is also really hydrating and it doesn't leave my lips feeling dry or uncomfortable.

Shimmery eye makeup

MAC pigments remind me of Christmas parities, and if you can't wear a bit of glitter over Christmas then when can you? I actually love Tan pigment all year round but especially along my lower lash line with a warm smokey eye for the colder months. I have Vanilla on my list for next time!

A/W scent

Thierry Mugler Alien brings back so many memories for me as I bought it in the airport before I went to New York last Christmas, so you can see why I love it. I gravitate towards a floral fragrance always (Gucci bamboo is next on my list!) so for me this is the perfect winter floral as it is really rich, woody and comforting. I have the Eau De Parfum and one spray is enough, so worth the investment. For me this is an evening fragrance so I am still on the hunt for the perfect winter day time scent.



I love scarves, I feel like they are perfect for throwing on top of any outfit and making it look like you put in some effort. I'm slightly obsessed with this Accessorize scarf, which lets face it is more like a blanket! After looking online they have some gorgeous ones in that range from £17 - £25, which for a decent scarf I think is worth it. Zara is also a good place to look, or to be honest I'm always buying a scarf or too from Primark!

Chelsea boots

I feel like everyone needs a few pairs of chelsea boots, they are the easiest to just throw on and they go with anything! I think they are really flattering, and for days when I have lectures they are all I want to throw on. I picked some up from H&M for £24.99 to see me through the winter, ideally I would have real leather, student problems...

Suede skirt

Everyone and maybe even their mum has a suede skirt (or atleast faux suede). I went for a tan, a line skirt, and if I could wear it everyday I probably would! I love pairing this with turtle neck tops and a long line blazer/ duster coat. I think the beauty of having something like this in my wardrobe is that it can be dressed up or down, I'm thinking of picking one up in a burgundy shade!

Lace up tops

At first I thought I wouldn't like/ suit this trend (small boobs problems) but I actually really love it. I managed to get this gorgeous lace up top for £12 in the River Island sale, annoyingly it has sold out now but I have seen them everywhere. I feel that this style of top looks fab on everyone and I'm so glad I stepped out of my comfort zone and tried one on!

what are your A/W fashion and beauty staples? 


Eating Healthy As A Student

During my first year at uni I was catered for, which surprise surprise consisted of a lot of bread, sugary sauces and crumpets when I couldn't hack the choice. In my second year I had the chance to start cooking for myself, I was making healthier choices and I felt a lot better for it. I have managed to change my diet into something manageable on a student budget whilst being healthy, and not taking up too much of the day to prep either.

Plan what I need for the week

I find it really helpful to see what I'm up to in the week and kind of plan my meals around that. If I know I've got a hectic week I'll buy more things in to make green juices so I can still eat healthily whilst not taking ages to prep. Planning for the week has also saved me money, without planning I would throw out so much fresh fruit and veg that I haven't used.

Do one big shop a week with a list

Fair enough the odd things like bread and milk, but shopping every 3-4 days made me worse off! Luckily my friends have bought their cars to uni this year so we can do the food shop once a week, but last year I would go to Aldi and then get a £3 taxi back, still saving myself a fortune compared to going every 2-3 days in somewhere like Tesco or Sainsburys. I never go without a list otherwise anything could end up in my bloody trolly (I know what I'm like, a proper sucker for offers).

Make in bulk

There is nothing worse than coming in from a lecture that ends at 7.15 (yes they exist in my final year) to have to cook something. Whatever I'm making I try to do it in bulk to save the hassle another night, it saves me so much time and also helps there be less food waste. I feel like I can make and use more of the fresh food I have bought this way too, then I can freeze it and have it another day.

Substitute carbs for veg

I don't have pasta all the time, so I try to use veg as a substitute... Not going to lie the thought of courgette thinned out and used instead of pasta made me sad, but it is actually really nice! I find myself craving the courgette over the pasta now because even the brown pasta makes me feel too full and bloated. I have this "spiral shredder" as they call it and it is working perfectly considering how cheap it was.

Use offers and student discounts

Sorry if you're not on O2 but on a Monday you can get a Boots meal deal for £1! Boots actually have some really nice salads and they do this flat bread that is amazing, Monday is (quite sadly) becoming one of my favourite days of the week (I wish I was joking). Bella Italia (not necessary healthy but everyones gotta have a treat) do a student lunch menu where you can get a pizza for £5, the pizza is massive and tastes amazing! NUS student discount is another good one, I save so much money each year and I think the average user saves around £500.

Buy fresh fruit and veg wisely

I always try to buy veg that will go with most meals I'm making. Spinach is a good one because I can have that with pasta, salads, on sandwiches and in my green juice. Another good one is peppers, I have peppers with literally everything. I buy either blueberrys or strawberrys for my breakfast and with the left overs there is an amazing recipe in Deliciously Ella to make jam from it, on top of toast the morning after a night out (or straight after a night out) it is perfect!

I hope this has been helpful, next week there will be a post on my top 10 tips for students if you like this sort of this!

What are your tips of staying healthy as a student?


Budget Felt Tip Eyeliner Roundup

There is nothing more annoying/ heartbreaking than your winged eyeliner being a let down, I'll do the best smokey eye then ruin it with sloppy wing, it is just too much... I have compiled those that I have in my collection to do an overview, some are my favourites whilst others weren't the best!

Starting with my least favourite and it is the Avon Super Extend Liquid Liner. This is only my least favourite because of the applicator, I find it really difficult to use a felt tip nip that doesn't have any flexibility, and this is really stiff so it makes creating a wing a little harder. It is quite long lasting but I did see some cracking and smudging after around 7 hours (although I do have really oily skin).

I like the L'Oreal Superliner Ultra Precision, but my lack of skill means it makes getting winged liner right a bit of a stuggle. The formulation for this is one of my favourites, it is really long lasting and unlike the others in this post the tip is in a pot of liquid which I feel like makes my liner look blacker because I can get more product on the applicator.  I think this is perfect for anyone who doesn't wear a wing, or is a liner pro!

This was the first liquid eyeliner I really liked as it meant I could do a semi acceptable wing. The Collection Extreme 24 Hour Felt Tip Liner is not only an absolute bargain but makes creating a wing quite easy. The formulation is okay, I can get a strong black line with this but I do like to intensify it with a black shadow on top, which I shouldn't really have to do, so although not the blackest it does last a long time (definitely not 24 hours, unless you're sitting still all day ).

My favourite of the lot is the L'oreal Superliner Perfect Slim Intense. The felt tip is really thin at the end making it a lot easier to get a really precise line, so applying this even for me is easy. Another thing that makes me repurchase this over others is how black the formulation is, I hate the look of watered down eye liner that some cheaper liquid liners give off. One slight let down for me is that this doesn't wear that well, I will need to touch up after around 6 hours..

I have my eye one the Charlotte Tilbury liquid eye liner, but the price tag isn't very student friendly! What are the best liquid eye liners you have tried? I think I'm still on the hunt for my favourite...


Drugstore Autumn Lipsticks Haul

Like most other beauty bloggers I'm loving Autumn and all the makeup changes that come with it. I have been dying to add some more lipsticks to my collection that fit the berry/ purple/ red category but now I'm a student again I can't really justify the high end prices. I've picked up a couple of new bits from high street brands and I'm really impressed.

Only three for this post but I think I'll be doing a round up soon. Usually when I go on a little shopping spree to find some new lipsticks if I buy a few I always seem to come away with one that just sits in my stash and is never used, but I think this time all 3 are fab!


The name instantly reminded me of my much loved Nars Velvet Matte pencils so I wanted to see if the two compare, considering the huge price difference they are actually quite comparable in how comfortable they feel on my lips, and like the Nars pencils the colour pay off on these is brill. The creamy formulation is not as long lasting as the Nars rival, but at a fraction of the price I can't complain, these also haven't dried out my lips which a lot of lipsticks do for me!

The shade Keep It Classy reminded me of MACs Brave, but on the lips it is a blue toned berry shade rather than a nude/pink, which for the colder months is actually quite nice. I have gravitated towards this more than Berry Much just because I find it more wearable, but they are both equally as gorgeous if you're after something that is pigmented, going to last and leaves a thick satin/ semi matte finish to the lips.


If you had told me a year ago I would be wanting more brown lipsticks I would have disagreed, but it seems to have been the colour of the year so far and I can't stop myself wanting more. When it comes up to the colder months I like to take my lipstick a little darker, so I picked up this deep brown matte shade, it has red in it making it so much easier to pull off. This lipstick cost £4.99, honestly in terms of the formulation it isn't my favourite (the Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution lipsticks have spoilt me rotten), it does feel slightly waxy and is unforgiving if my lips are drying as it shows every single crack. It is however long wearing, a brilliant colour and a much cheaper alternative to others I've seen.

What are your recent highstreet lip product gems?


Luminous Skin with TempleSpa

I have always been a bargain hunter but for anything beauty related with a high price tag I just can't resist. Possibly I'm living beyond my means as a student but I'm a firm believer in you get what you pay for (most of the time). I was really kindly sent some products by the brand Templespa, before this I had only seen some mention of the brand in Instyle magazine as they raved about their remodelling and brightening mask (with veryyyy good reason too)

The products are all from the brands red carpet studio range and the focus is on creating a glowy and dewy looking finish, which I'm definitely all for, and I really like the fact that skincare has a focus aswel as makeup, nothing better than a natural looking glow rather than piling on a load of products that fake it (sorry about constant use of the word "glow".. luminosity? you know what I mean). I've become quite fussy with my skincare and I'm wanting to use products with the best ingredients so I was also happy to see how well detailed the ingredients lists are for all of the products they sell, it is so handy that they explain the benefits of the ingredients.

The Big Reveal Glycolic Resurfacing Peel

After reading Caroline Hirons blog inside and out I knew I needed to introduce some chemical exfoliants into my skincare routine, and the difference has been the most noticeable I have ever seen! I can get a little lazy when it comes to masks because 10 minutes always feels like a life time to me, this mask takes a whole 50 seconds before you get to peel it off and see the results. My skin is left feeling soft and looking a lot brighter so I love using this as a mid week skin pick me up.

The Contourist - Skin Redmodelling & Brightening Mask

This is the first wrap on mask I've tried and I think I gave a couple of people a laugh on Snapchat because of it! Yes you will look scary/ really odd when you wear this but it is a real treat product. The light weight sheet is soaked in a serum enriched with some gorgeous ingredients that made a real difference in how healthy my skin looks. I naturally have dull skin with under the skin spots, I woke up the next morning after using this the evening before and my skin looked clear and was reflecting the light allll by itself! I'm not going to waffle on about the ingredients as I'm not an expert but the acids, extracts and natural ingredients that are within this serum would be perfect for a more mature skin to see a real difference in wrinkles and contours as it is a skin plumping miracle worker!

Glint Shadow Concealer

Firstly I just love under eye concealers that come with a brush attached, it makes it fuss free and easy to apply just the right amount of product. The formulation for this is exactly right for the job it needs to do, I would say it is a concealing/ highlighting hybrid, having good coverage to conceal dark circles but reflecting the light at the same time to cheat a decent nights sleep (which I'm needing a lot lately). Compared to some others I've tried the lasting power on this is amazing, and no creasing throughout the day aswel, I feel like some brands compromise on staying power with the sorts of concealers, but this product is like the best of both worlds.

Look On The Bright Side - Instant Radiance Booster

Radiance is like a magic word to me, I'm pulled in by literally anything making the claim! I've always really used a powder highlighter, having oily skin I just always thought it would be best, so I was really excited to try this. I haven't stopped using this since I got it, because it is an inbetween shade of both a golden and pink toned highlighter it just looks so natural. It has changed my whole outlook on liquid highlighters as I think they give off a much more authentic looking glow compared to a powder that can look quite obvious (with the Mary-Lou Manizer being an exception). This also contains pomegranate, red clover, ginger and mint extracts that encourage brightness naturally, impressive huh!

Overall I am really impressed, the packaging is equally as nice as the products inside and although an investment it is skincare with fab ingredients that actually makes a difference.

What are your favourite products to help skin luminosity?

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