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Weekend Away Makeup Essentials

I am currently on my way to London! I have left the North for a fun filled weekend down south, so I thought I
would share my go to products for a typical weekend away. Having oily skin I
like any makeup I apply to be long lasting, otherwise there is just no point, so
off course a couple of base savers are coming along with me. The Urban Decay AllNighter Spray is my number one essential, raved about plenty of times before this mist is the difference between
my foundation/ base products lasting or looking separated and obvious by the
end of the day.

My favourite long lasting concealer is MAC’s pro longwear, paired with a sheer and laminating base (something like Nars
tinted moisturizer or Estee Lauder BB cream) this concealer will keep anything
that needs to be hidden, hidden! That is without making my face look like a
canvas just covered in base products. Now a product I haven’t mentioned in ages
as I just compleltly forgot about it, but it is an old school favourite, the
Rimmel Stay Matte Powder is my holy grail drugstore powder, tick in the box for helping my base last longer and it provides a nice amount of coverage too. A dupe for MAC’s Studio Fix Powder for sureeeeee! 

On the lips my main priority is something that is comfortable. but then I want something multi purpose too. The Clarins Instant Natural Lip Perfecters are perfect for layering on top of a lip liner for more of a bold lip or lovely on their own too for a pale pink gloss. 

What are your staples for a weekend away?

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