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Oxford Street Lush Haul

Whether a lush fan or not their Oxford Street store is very impressive! The amount of lush goodies they had in their was overwhelming (in a good way of course) so I had to pick up a couple of things to try that had been on my list for a while. 


To cut a long story short this reallllly isn’t for me, my oily skin ain’t having none of it! Having said that I do think this product would be good if you don’t have oily skin. This is thick and creamy and felt lovely on my skin, and then it started to turn to oil, making it without a doubt a flannel job, water on its own just didn’t work to remove this from my skin, and it did take quite a while which I think is due to the beeswax and almond oil. Another thing is the scent, it reminded me of a bonfire, which I did get used to but I prefer a more fresh scent or nothing at all for my skincare.

BUTTERBALL BATH BOMB £2.65 & BATH MELT/ OIL anyone know the name? I can’t find it anywhere! I’m thinking it could be similar to the discontinued Vanilla Mountain?

I wanted to use the butterball and oil (or whatever it is- sorry) at the same time, no crazy colours like usual Lush style, but I thought they would be perfect to soften my skin. Straight away I could feel how soft my skin was, along constantly slipping down the bath due to how nourishing these are. Even up to a few days later my skin felt smoother than usual (yes that is even after showering daily). The main ingredient in the butterball is cocoa butter, hence why my skin is feeling amazing!

I wish I had taken a little more advantage of the fact I was in the Oxford Street store, but there’s always next time! What are your favourite Lush products? 

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