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How I manage my blog, social life and being a student

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Over the summer I have been blogging like a crazy lady, in August I managed to post once every other day, work 30+ hours a week, volunteer and spend time with my boyfriend (who had just come home from being away for 4 and a half months)… In an ideal world I would still post once every other day, but it ain’t going to happen, especially as I’m about to go into my 3rd year at uni. I love every aspect of blogging but it is starting to take up a little bit more of my time than it should do considering it is only a hobby, here are my tips (almost to myself really) on how I manage it all.

1. Be realistic. To me it doesn’t matter if someone posts once a day or once a week, if I see a blog with good content I follow regardless. Quality not quantity as they say. I’m going to start posting between 2 or 3 times a week.

2. Make time for socialising. Blogging definitely doesn’t come before spending time with my family, boyfriend and friends, it helps me have a break and feel more motivated to crack on with it another time.

3. Don’t compare. Not just in terms of other blogs but in all aspects of my life I used to be a bit of a worry wart and compare myself to others, being able to let go of that has made me such a happier person!

4. An obvious one, but lots of organisation.  A lot of the time so many of the things I do are spontaneous, but around that especially when I’m back in lectures I plan my whole day, even down to what I’m going to eat when I’m reallllly busy.  I love having a monthly view calender on my wall to give me quick reminders (memory of a fish over here). I also have a diary I carry around so I can add more detail.

5. Keep my space tidy.  I actually feel myself getting more stressed and anxious when I’m trying to get things done in a space that is untidy. For me this is simple but having everything in place makes a massive difference, tidy space = tidy mind is definitely something I live by.

I think I need to get a poster printed that just says “relax”. I remember at the end of my second year in uni during exam times, the exams I felt most relaxed for I did the best in (they were also the exams I did least revision for, woooops!)

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