Enhancing Your Natural Beauty – On The Go Products!

Skincare is always important to me, I feel like nothing is more valuable than feeling confident without makeup and being happy in your own skin. The Glossier website has inspired me and made me have a little rethink about how most days I do just cover my face with makeup, I feel like it stands out from the crowd promoting natural beauty which is really refreshing to see! I thought it would be fab to combine some skincare and a makeup favourite that help me enhance what I already have, but on the go. This is for those days when I’m out all day, or my essential over night/ travel products.

Liz Earle Eyebright – Soothing Eye Lotion

I’ve only just turned 20 so I don’t feel like I need a rich under eye cream, but I love using this little lotion from Liz Earle to add brightness and soothe my eye area. Being a contact lense wearer, blogger and student my lifestyle means there is so much strain on my eyes, I feel more refreshed and look like I’ve actually had a good nights sleep once I’ve used this. A product for any busy bee’s out there I think!

First Aid Beauty Facial Radiance Pads

I have mentioned these before on my blog, but I feel like they need more of a mention because they have
worked wonders for my skin, plus they’re so travel friendly! With the aim of transforming dull looking skin through the use of AHA’s and a gentle exfoliation, they certainly meet the objective. After two weeks of using
one every day as part of my routine they have evened out my skin tone,
topped it up with some radiance and cleared any small blemishes I had. The pads
are a must for anyone looking to improve the texture and general appearance of
their skin, goodbye foundation!

Origins Drink Up Intense Mask

I used to consider skin types to be
either dry, oily, combination or normal, but I then realised my massive stand out problem is
dehydrated skin. Regardless of which category you fall into, if your skin is
dehydrated it can appear dull and flat. This mask is an ultimate life saver,
left to sink into the skin over night this mask plumps up the skin and provides
it with the moisture it has been missing, however I love using this on the go, especially for travel as it doesn’t need to be rinsed. Even my oily skin loves this stuff.

La Roche-Posay Effaclar K

BHA products work absolute wonders at keeping my skin blemish free and unclogging my pores. I apply a thin layer of this across any problem areas I have or as and when I feel any blemishes might be appearing. My skin is left feeling softer, visibly clearer from acne scaring and any redness. This provides a similar effect to the facial radiance pads I mentioned earlier and the results are from a gentle microexfoliant, so if you have dry or sensitive skin I would be more careful when using these sorts of products, regardless of how low the concentration of the BHA is. I love to have this with me as I find it is most effective when I apply it as soon as the problem is occurring, plus it stops my skin looking so oily and reduces redness straight away!

Benefit Posietint

Anything multipurpose for both lips and cheeks I love, it saves the hassle of finding shades that compliment each other and the space when on the move. The infamous sheer liquid tint from benefit provides a gorgeous and very natural looking blush of colour to my cheeks, perfect for when my base needs a little perking up. Used on my lips it provides a long lasting and fuss free red/pink stain that clears any pigmentation worries and makes my lips look plumper.

What are your on the go favourites to help enhance you skin and what you already have?

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