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A Dewy Finish for Oily Skin

The autumn/ winter months are creeping in (scary how quick this summer has gone), but all year round I love the look of a dewy/ natural base over a really matte/ almost cakey looking finish. I have always struggled with how oily my skin is, luckily the breakouts are almost under control but I still struggle to get a dewy and fresh looking finish. I have complied some products that really help give my skin some glow, that lasts all day and doesn’t make me look even more oily!


When my skincare routine was without an exfoliator and toner it looked dull and my foundation didn’t sit well, looking uneven by the middle of the day. These pads have changed my skincare routine helping my skin glow, be more even in tone and be much smoother texture. I’ve already got a second pot ordered and ready to use (holy grail!!!)


Finally I’ve found a primer that isn’t silicone based and works with my oily skin. I have a lot of love for this primer, not only making my makeup last throughout the day, it also adds a gorgeous sheen that helps create the dewy and more natural look under my foundation that I loveeeeeeee! I only use a pea sized amount of this and smooth it over my face post moisturiser, this is also nice on its own as a little boost to a no makeup day.


It sounds strange to include a foundation labelled as matte in a post about dewy skin, for me this is actually more of a satin foundation, and for us oily skin girls it is the next best thing. This foundation is long lasting, medium coverage and lets the illamasqua primer I just mentioned show through. Even on it’s own it doesn’t mask my skin but it allows me to have a nice base to layer other products on top. I think this foundation is a fab drugstore buy for anyone with oily skin!


Everyone knows how brilliant this product is. The golden finely milled powder manages to diffuse the light, so when I apply this to the high points of my face I glow, like I’m all naturally healthy! This is a product not to be skipped in my makeup routine, it adds the finishing touch to a dewy look in a natural way, rather than just a streak of shimmery powder like some highlighters can provide.

What are your favourite products for help you have a dewy finish?

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