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Nip and Fab Skincare Favourites: Oily & Blemish Prone Skin

A couple of weeks ago I came across a massive haul of Nip and Fab products posted on Instagram by Jinksy Beauty. After reading some of the comments and realising she has oily skin too, the next thing you know I was making a Superdrug order, enabled by the fact that they have 1/3 off their products (you can just imagine how happy I was). I went for three things to try first after having a mammoth break out that needed to be cleared, and three weeks on I honestly haven't seen results like this from a product in a while!


Although I have oily skin I love to add moisturising products into my routine as my skin is quite dehydrated at the same time (lucky aren't it). The mask is a gel formula so it feels really light weight and you only need to leave it on for 10 minutes to see the results. I love to use this in the mornings to brighten my skin, it also manages to make my skin look more plump which is perfect as my skin can look quite flat and dull. To me the mask smells like a mens shaving cream, which is odd and I was slightly concerned when I first used this, but apart from the slight tingling sensation it worked a treat and I'm impressed with the results


This mask has some similarities to the Dragons Blood Fix mask, but I think definitely more suitable for oily/ blemish prone skin rather than all skin types. Through the use of gycolic acid and other ingredients the masks main aim is to reduce pore size and shine, which is exactly what my skin needs. For me this does just that, it not only reduces the appearance of my pores and skin texture, but it lasts for around 2-3 days. I don't ever reach for exfoliators that have that gritting texture any more as I feel like all they do is make my skin feel soft and that is that, this has blown those sorts of products out of the window for me!


I've been slightly concerned about the size of my pores, I'm only 20 but I feel like they're starting to become visible under makeup without the use of a primer, so I'm turning to skincare to help tackle the problem early. This serum contains 4% glycolic acid, so enough to exfoliate my skin without being too harsh,  especially as I'm using additional products with AHA's and other chemical exfoliants. I have been using this every evening for the past 3 weeks and I am so impressed with how visibly clearer my skin looks and also by the texture of my skin and how soft it has become. Honestly in terms of pore size I haven't noticed too much of a difference, but there has been a slight change so I'm definitely going to keep this in my routine!

Overall I am so impressed by the brand and I can't wait to try more of their products. If you're a little sensitive to smells in skincare products then they might not be for you. but luckily they don't really bother me and it's something I'm willing to look past.

Have you ever tried anything from Nip and Fab?


How I manage my blog, social life and being a student

(Image my own; instagram jodiemelissamoores)

Over the summer I have been blogging like a crazy lady, in August I managed to post once every other day, work 30+ hours a week, volunteer and spend time with my boyfriend (who had just come home from being away for 4 and a half months)... In an ideal world I would still post once every other day, but it ain't going to happen, especially as I'm about to go into my 3rd year at uni. I love every aspect of blogging but it is starting to take up a little bit more of my time than it should do considering it is only a hobby, here are my tips (almost to myself really) on how I manage it all.

1. Be realistic. To me it doesn't matter if someone posts once a day or once a week, if I see a blog with good content I follow regardless. Quality not quantity as they say. I'm going to start posting between 2 or 3 times a week.

2. Make time for socialising. Blogging definitely doesn't come before spending time with my family, boyfriend and friends, it helps me have a break and feel more motivated to crack on with it another time.

3. Don't compare. Not just in terms of other blogs but in all aspects of my life I used to be a bit of a worry wart and compare myself to others, being able to let go of that has made me such a happier person!

4. An obvious one, but lots of organisation.  A lot of the time so many of the things I do are spontaneous, but around that especially when I'm back in lectures I plan my whole day, even down to what I'm going to eat when I'm reallllly busy.  I love having a monthly view calender on my wall to give me quick reminders (memory of a fish over here). I also have a diary I carry around so I can add more detail.

5. Keep my space tidy.  I actually feel myself getting more stressed and anxious when I'm trying to get things done in a space that is untidy. For me this is simple but having everything in place makes a massive difference, tidy space = tidy mind is definitely something I live by.

I think I need to get a poster printed that just says "relax". I remember at the end of my second year in uni during exam times, the exams I felt most relaxed for I did the best in (they were also the exams I did least revision for, woooops!)


Oxford Street Lush Haul

Whether a lush fan or not their Oxford Street store is very impressive! The amount of lush goodies they had in their was overwhelming (in a good way of course) so I had to pick up a couple of things to try that had been on my list for a while. 

To cut a long story short this reallllly isn't for me, my oily skin ain't having none of it! Having said that I do think this product would be good if you don't have oily skin. This is thick and creamy and felt lovely on my skin, and then it started to turn to oil, making it without a doubt a flannel job, water on its own just didn't work to remove this from my skin, and it did take quite a while which I think is due to the beeswax and almond oil. Another thing is the scent, it reminded me of a bonfire, which I did get used to but I prefer a more fresh scent or nothing at all for my skincare.

BUTTERBALL BATH BOMB £2.65 & BATH MELT/ OIL anyone know the name? I can't find it anywhere! I'm thinking it could be similar to the discontinued Vanilla Mountain?

I wanted to use the butterball and oil (or whatever it is- sorry) at the same time, no crazy colours like usual Lush style, but I thought they would be perfect to soften my skin. Straight away I could feel how soft my skin was, along constantly slipping down the bath due to how nourishing these are. Even up to a few days later my skin felt smoother than usual (yes that is even after showering daily). The main ingredient in the butterball is cocoa butter, hence why my skin is feeling amazing!

I wish I had taken a little more advantage of the fact I was in the Oxford Street store, but there's always next time! What are your favourite Lush products? 


My Hair Styling Saviour

After seeing the likes of Emma (Milkteef) and Rosie Huntington look amazing with their shorter hair do's I knew I wanted to jump on the bandwagon with a straight shoulder length cut, to be honest I'm sick of my fine hair looking flat and dull constantly so I knew I needed a change. I have been slightly obsessed with salt sprays to get that messy textured look, and I have found the perfect one that provides a balance between damaging and not really making a real difference.

The TRESemme Perfectly Undone Sea Salt Spray (currently half price; £2.73 in Superdrug.. WIN!) is the first salt spray I have used that is in a mousse form. I use it after every wash following the instructions apply it layer by layer as I blow dry (this does make a difference compared to just applying it directly). I usually associate a hair mousse with something that is sticky and will make my hair look like uncooked super noodles, but this stuff helped my usual too slippery and flat hair have more texture and that "beachy" vibe that I really love!

I really recommend this product, I'm still baffled as to how something that holds a wave so well isn't making my hair feel stripped of moisture. I managed to get this free with Elle magazine, but I'm definitely buying a full size version once that runs out.


Enhancing Your Natural Beauty - On The Go Products!

Skincare is always important to me, I feel like nothing is more valuable than feeling confident without makeup and being happy in your own skin. The Glossier website has inspired me and made me have a little rethink about how most days I do just cover my face with makeup, I feel like it stands out from the crowd promoting natural beauty which is really refreshing to see! I thought it would be fab to combine some skincare and a makeup favourite that help me enhance what I already have, but on the go. This is for those days when I'm out all day, or my essential over night/ travel products.

Liz Earle Eyebright - Soothing Eye Lotion

I've only just turned 20 so I don't feel like I need a rich under eye cream, but I love using this little lotion from Liz Earle to add brightness and soothe my eye area. Being a contact lense wearer, blogger and student my lifestyle means there is so much strain on my eyes, I feel more refreshed and look like I've actually had a good nights sleep once I've used this. A product for any busy bee's out there I think!

I have mentioned these before on my blog, but I feel like they need more of a mention because they have worked wonders for my skin, plus they're so travel friendly! With the aim of transforming dull looking skin through the use of AHA's and a gentle exfoliation, they certainly meet the objective. After two weeks of using one every day as part of my routine they have evened out my skin tone, topped it up with some radiance and cleared any small blemishes I had. The pads are a must for anyone looking to improve the texture and general appearance of their skin, goodbye foundation!

I used to consider skin types to be either dry, oily, combination or normal, but I then realised my massive stand out problem is dehydrated skin. Regardless of which category you fall into, if your skin is dehydrated it can appear dull and flat. This mask is an ultimate life saver, left to sink into the skin over night this mask plumps up the skin and provides it with the moisture it has been missing, however I love using this on the go, especially for travel as it doesn't need to be rinsed. Even my oily skin loves this stuff.

La Roche-Posay Effaclar K

BHA products work absolute wonders at keeping my skin blemish free and unclogging my pores. I apply a thin layer of this across any problem areas I have or as and when I feel any blemishes might be appearing. My skin is left feeling softer, visibly clearer from acne scaring and any redness. This provides a similar effect to the facial radiance pads I mentioned earlier and the results are from a gentle microexfoliant, so if you have dry or sensitive skin I would be more careful when using these sorts of products, regardless of how low the concentration of the BHA is. I love to have this with me as I find it is most effective when I apply it as soon as the problem is occurring, plus it stops my skin looking so oily and reduces redness straight away!

Anything multipurpose for both lips and cheeks I love, it saves the hassle of finding shades that compliment each other and the space when on the move. The infamous sheer liquid tint from benefit provides a gorgeous and very natural looking blush of colour to my cheeks, perfect for when my base needs a little perking up. Used on my lips it provides a long lasting and fuss free red/pink stain that clears any pigmentation worries and makes my lips look plumper.

What are your on the go favourites to help enhance you skin and what you already have?


A Dewy Finish for Oily Skin

The autumn/ winter months are creeping in (scary how quick this summer has gone), but all year round I love the look of a dewy/ natural base over a really matte/ almost cakey looking finish. I have always struggled with how oily my skin is, luckily the breakouts are almost under control but I still struggle to get a dewy and fresh looking finish. I have complied some products that really help give my skin some glow, that lasts all day and doesn't make me look even more oily!


When my skincare routine was without an exfoliator and toner it looked dull and my foundation didn't sit well, looking uneven by the middle of the day. These pads have changed my skincare routine helping my skin glow, be more even in tone and be much smoother texture. I've already got a second pot ordered and ready to use (holy grail!!!)


Finally I've found a primer that isn't silicone based and works with my oily skin. I have a lot of love for this primer, not only making my makeup last throughout the day, it also adds a gorgeous sheen that helps create the dewy and more natural look under my foundation that I loveeeeeeee! I only use a pea sized amount of this and smooth it over my face post moisturiser, this is also nice on its own as a little boost to a no makeup day.


It sounds strange to include a foundation labelled as matte in a post about dewy skin, for me this is actually more of a satin foundation, and for us oily skin girls it is the next best thing. This foundation is long lasting, medium coverage and lets the illamasqua primer I just mentioned show through. Even on it's own it doesn't mask my skin but it allows me to have a nice base to layer other products on top. I think this foundation is a fab drugstore buy for anyone with oily skin!


Everyone knows how brilliant this product is. The golden finely milled powder manages to diffuse the light, so when I apply this to the high points of my face I glow, like I'm all naturally healthy! This is a product not to be skipped in my makeup routine, it adds the finishing touch to a dewy look in a natural way, rather than just a streak of shimmery powder like some highlighters can provide.

What are your favourite products for help you have a dewy finish?


Weekend Away Makeup Essentials

I am currently on my way to London! I have left the North for a fun filled weekend down south, so I thought I would share my go to products for a typical weekend away. Having oily skin I like any makeup I apply to be long lasting, otherwise there is just no point, so off course a couple of base savers are coming along with me. The Urban Decay AllNighter Spray is my number one essential, raved about plenty of times before this mist is the difference between my foundation/ base products lasting or looking separated and obvious by the end of the day.

My favourite long lasting concealer is MAC’s pro longwear, paired with a sheer and laminating base (something like Nars tinted moisturizer or Estee Lauder BB cream) this concealer will keep anything that needs to be hidden, hidden! That is without making my face look like a canvas just covered in base products. Now a product I haven’t mentioned in ages as I just compleltly forgot about it, but it is an old school favourite, the Rimmel Stay Matte Powder is my holy grail drugstore powder, tick in the box for helping my base last longer and it provides a nice amount of coverage too. A dupe for MAC's Studio Fix Powder for sureeeeee! 

On the lips my main priority is something that is comfortable. but then I want something multi purpose too. The Clarins Instant Natural Lip Perfecters are perfect for layering on top of a lip liner for more of a bold lip or lovely on their own too for a pale pink gloss. 

What are your staples for a weekend away?

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