The Repurchased Hair Favourites

When it comes to my hair, I am awful. I grew it out for about 3 years. it went lovely and long then I got bored and decided to cut it short (which yes I am now slightly regretting!). Blonde suits me so much better than my natural brunette shade, but that also comes with root growth and needing to be extra careful with keeping my hair in good condition etc. I have picked 4 of my most repurchased hair products, there should be an oil included in here too but I still need to go to boots and pick up my go to which is the Lee Stafford Argan Oil (full review).


Before the Sebastian Potion 9 I always considered leave in treatments as products that weigh down my hair and leave it looking greasy at the roots, however this “potion” actually is a little hair hero. I apply a pea sized amount to my damp hair after each wash, I remember the first time I used it having hair that felt like it had been wash and styled by a hair dresser. This product is hair management in a tube, leaving it feeling nourished, lightweight and ready for styling. Plus, the name “potion 9” comes from the fact that it is the 9th wonder of the hair world, I was sold!


I have a love hate relationship with silver shampoos, there is nothing worse than my hair being brassy but so many of them leave my ends so dry! The Lee Stafford Bleach Blondes Shampoo is the first I have used that makes a real difference in keeping my hair an ash blonde, and doesn’t strip it leaving it feeling dry. I alternate this with a regular shampoo and find it works a treat at maintaining the colour I like.


One thing that I am loving about my shorter hair is the volume, a curling tong and some salt spray and I’m good to go. I’m not too sure why this is targeted at blondes but the John Frieda Sea Waves Salt Spray is the best of the bunch, whether you’re a blonde or not! Firstly it smells like coconut so doubles up as a hair fragrance, but it also dispenses the right amount of product so you’re not left with a crunchy strand of hair that looks like it has been attacked by PVA glue. When I use this my hair style stays in place all day and the volume doesn’t drop even though my hair is so fine, another plus is that it isn’t as drying as some other sea salt sprays I have used.


I always use the Tresseme Heat Defence Spray, it is just routine but I feel like it really does make a difference. If I don’t blow dry my hair it ends up being a frizzy mess that not even a messy bun would give some justice, so I make sure my hair gets a good spray of this before any heat goes near it. This helps prevent split ends and that horrible frazzled look that over styled and damaged hair has, an absolute must for all year round hair care!

I haven’t actually found a perfect shampoo or conditioner yet, my perfect shampoo/ conditioner duo would be something that is nourishing but lightweight at the same time, plus it provides a bit of volume for good measure, any suggestions?

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