Fleur de Force Eylure Lashes Review

I have watched Fleur for years, I actually remember watching her videos whilst she was in uni and at that time I was deciding if I wanted to go… I’m now about to go into my final year, scary! I really wanted to show my support, plus the lashes are right up my street. I like lashes that look natural but are making a difference to the overall look as I only really wear them for special occasions. When I saw the Fleur Loves lashes I was really excited. Typically I go for lashes with more volume at the end as I don’t like having thickness in the inner corner (it irritates my eyes, plus makes them look smaller, who wants that?!). So the lashes fit my criteria completely, I needed to have them!


Finally a pair of false lashes that are 3/4 length! These are the lashes I’ve been waiting for, and definitely the most flattering for my eye shape (and probably most eyes). The wispie style lashes blend into my own perfectly, and add a lot of volume. I think these are brilliant for day or night, and for anyone new to false lashes as they’re so comfortable and wearable, whilst adding more “drama” to your makeup. I can see why these are Fleur’s favourites, they are mine too!


These aren’t usually the kind of lashes I would go for… However they are actually perfect for a night out. I think they look gorgeous worn with just black liner, or something really smoky. To look at in the packaging these are quite dramatic, but the woven detail at the lash line really helps them to blend in with my natural lashes and the different lengths make the volume wearable. Surprisingly these are really comfortable to wear too which is always a must for me when it comes to lashes

Not only has Fleur nailed the design but Eylure are a lash brand that can be trusted, I am so impressed by the quality of the lashes and will be repurchasing when I need to (although I think these will last for ages). They also come with a good quality glue, so no need to be messing around buying it separate.

Have you tried these lashes yet?

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