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Top 5 MAC Buys

I love most things from MAC (with the exception of their foundations) so narrowing down to my top 5 was actually quite difficult and had me pause for a moment, however if you’re new to MAC or feeling over whelmed by all the options, here is my top 5 things that you need from MAC


I’ve had dupes from other brands, believe me I tried not to cave and spend the painful £20 this costs, but my smoky eye makeup has never looked better, even if I do say so myself! Nothing I have tried blends like this, I became obsessed with Jaclyn Hill on YouTube and how amazing her makeup is, then I decided I needed to step up my game and I’m glad I did, don’t be without this aslong as I was…


Ok so I said I didn’t like the MAC foundations but I use this as a powder. Very nostalgic to me as it was my first MAC purchase back in 2011 (the good old days when MAC lipsticks were £12) and still an everyday base favourite. Perfect at keeping my oily skin matte throughout the whole of the day, and it provides a full coverage which is perfect for along the t-zone.


My most recent discovery, this concealer is the one hit wonder that manages to conceal under the eyes aswel as any skin issues. The liquid texture blends amazingly and leaves a full coverage without looking too heavy and cakey, obviously it cannot disguise the skin texture (nothing can) but in terms of blemishes this will take them from obvious to extremely well hidden. It lasts all day and doesn’t cling to any dry patches or oxidise.. Yeah it is that perfect.


 A cult product splattered around the beauty world, but it never gets boring. This is my favourite summer time highlight, it is simply gorgeous! It contains a lot of shimmer but with a light hand is the perfect glowy skin highlight. The champaign pink colours work well with my paler complexion and the formula is also very long lasting so you will still be glowing come home time.


How could a top 5 MAC buys be complete without a lipstick mention, it simply couldn’t! 5 years on and I am still obsessed and want to build upon my collection and end up something that resembles the MAC counter.. Anyway my everyday lip colour choice at the minute has been Brave, a wearable darker than a nude mauve shade. I am still on the hunt for a more affordable version of this as I wear it to death, but the satin finish and flattering colour lasts for around 5 hours before needing a touch up, again another thing I wish I had bought sooner.

Wow, that was longer that I thought, I can’t help but waffle about MAC.. What are your favourite MAC buys?

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