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The Drugstore Mask | Una Brennan Clay Mask

I love a good face mask, in the evening after a long day at work there is nothing quite as satisfying as slapping on a face mask, running a bath and having a magazine to read.
I’ve tried a lot, some near the £20 mark and others just a couple of pound, this one sits right in the middle of the price bracket and is one of my favourites.

If you read my blog you’ll know my skin is oily, I swear by blotting papers and a good powder, so skincare is important to me. I tried this a few years ago and loved it but just forgot to repurchase, now I’m sure there have been a couple of changes made to the packaging and maybe the product also. When I saw salicylic acid on the front I knew that I needed this back in my collection.

This mask is one of the quickest to dry out of all the clay ones I’ve tried, and the results are actually pretty amazing. It has healed any red under the skin blemishes I’ve had, reduced the redness from any previous blemishes and I have also noticed a difference in the amount of blemishes I’ve been getting. It contains avocado oils and acacia honey killing two birds with one stone leaving your skin feeling nourished, there is nothing worse than rising a clay mask from your face and your skin feeling tight and dehydrated.

One thing I’m not keen on is the smell, but I am willing to look past that. I think anyone with an oily complexion or someone needing something to detox their skin should give this a go, so impressed!

It is on offer at the moment in Boots (the only place that stocks this) for £6.66, an absolute bargain!

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