Remington Sapphire Pro Curling Wand Review

For my birthday I received the Remington Sapphire Pro Curl wand (Remington have now updated the wand to this). After years of using straighteners to curl my hair, I wanted to find a curling wand that adds a natural looking curl. I have the biggest hair envy when it comes to Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, the colour and the cut – basically everything and this was basically inspired by her beautifully curled hair. Anyway, I thought I would share a mini review for anyone else who’s after loose, effortless looking waves.

I originally thought I would need a bigger wand for the natural, loose wave look I wanted, but this is actually perfect. Anything  bigger probably wouldn’t have much of an effect or would see the curls drop out after 10 minutes. I’ve definitely found it difficult to get used to curling my hair with a wand after using my GHDs to curl for so long, but I just need to keep practising and I’m sure it will start to come more natural to me.

Another thing about this curling wand from Remington is that it’s amazing value for money and comes with features better than the GHD wand (which is way more than double the price). I like that you can adjust the heat, (my thin hair definitely doesn’t need 210 degrees heat, but great if you have thicker hair). It heats up quickly, comes with a scary looking glove so you don’t burn your fingers (been there, done that, happy to look odd wearing the glove over burnt fingers), and has a ceramic coating to help protect the hair and also claims to add shine!

To style when my when I wear it wavy I just use a texturising spray (this is my favourite) it just helps to keep the style in place, add more volume and adds to that natural look.

Overall I’m really happy I have the Remington Sapphire Pro wand. It’s the perfect affordable hair styling tool if you like to achieve natural looking waves.

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