Remington Sapphire Pro Curling Wand – Review

 I have the biggest hair envy when it comes to Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, literally everything, the colour and the cut is exactly how I want my hair (even if can’t quite commit to short hair just yet, maybe one day). I love the look of loose waves, something natural and effortless. For my birthday I received the Remington Sapphire Pro Curl wand, and it was a present welcomed with open arms.

 I originally thought I would need a bigger wand for the style of curl I wanted, (definitely not going for the tight curls look) for the but this is perfect for achieving waves making more volume and a more natural look, anything any bigger probably wouldn’t have much of an effect or see them drop out after 10 minutes. 

This offering from Remington is amazing value for money and comes with features better than the GHD wand which is way more than double the price. I like that you can adjust the heat, my hair is thin so doesn’t need the 210 degrees heat this reaches, but a fab feature for you lucky ladies with thicker hair. It heats up quickly, come with a scary looking glove so you don’t burn your fingers (been  there done that, happy to look odd wearing the glove over burnt fingers), and has a ceramic coating to help protect the hair and also claims to add shine!

Added with some sea salt spray and a bit of back combing this wand helps create the “you made effort, but not too much” look.


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