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Night Out/ Evening Makeup

In the summer there is nothing worse than a face caked in makeup ready to oxidise the moment you leave the house, so I tried to keep it looking as light as possible, but yes I did use Double Wear so it all stayed in place, I can’t help myself…

I don’t think any evening makeup is complete without using the painterly paintpot, I have had this for years and used it most days and it is still only dinted slightly, it is the perfect tone to cancel out any veins that defiantly don’t flatter a smokey eye too well!

I keep wearing Brave by MAC and I can’t stop, I have so many other lipsticks and just keep gravitating towards this or Velvet Teddy, I need to get out of this phase. I’m hoping my next post like this will feature MAC’s Morange which I am still yet to wear. I bronzed my face believe it or not (in real life it looked bronzed, picture doing it no justice) no contouring this time as I find it can look slightly over done, truthfully I couldn’t be bothered trying too hard.

The products I used are long wearing making them perfect for the warmer months where you want to wear a little more makeup.

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