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My Brithday Week

On July 15th I turned 20, the first birthday I have actually felt quite old… I was spoilt by family and friends, had too many calorific meals out and managed to squeeze in a makeover at the Charlotte Tilbury counter (which embarrassingly is one of my birthday highlights). I’ve been a bit mia recently and reflecting on all my teenage years. A little advice to anyone younger out there, and it is to work hard and don’t be scared of what other people think. I used to worry what people would think about me writing a blog, and about a lot of general things too, but then I realised it’s alright to not fall into everyone good books, or to do something they find strange.

Anyway, less of the emotional advice, this post was basically to show off some instagram snaps from the past week (I’m obsessed and always posting on there). True believer that pictures speak a lot louder than words.

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