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June Favourites 2015

From being on placement most of May I became a bit complacent with my makeup and just wore mascara and a lip balm, so when June came around and I was back to piling on a full face of makeup.. Plus I bought a couple of new bits – standard post placement treats. 

I’m still yet to try the cult Shu Uemura eyelash curlers, but these ones are from a brand called Danielle that I snapped up in TX Maxx are amazing. I’ll curl my lashes before applying mascara and they don’t drop through the day, they grip the lashes and actually curl them, I have tried so many that are either too small to fit all my lashes in or don’t grip them enough to do anything.

If I haven’t been wearing MAC’s Whirl all over the lip – staple lip colour I’ve actually ventured to wearing my bright shades again. Revlon’s “Kiss Me Coral” is perfect if your lips are a little bit dry but you want to wear a lipstick, it lasts a decent 4-5 hours and is creamy leaving a glossy but pigmented finish.

I’m still not 100% happy with my brows but I’m struggling to come to terms with the idea of leaving them in the hands of someone else, I was also considering HD Brows but for the no makeup days I will look ridiculous, so I’m in a pickle really. The Brow Artist Genius Kit is the best I’ve tried that is from the high street. The wax isn’t too waxy that your eyebrows are going to slip all over the place and the shades are cool toned so they actually look natural, finally a really good high street brow palette!

Thank god for the Urban Decay Setting Spray, without it I think my makeup would have melted on my face with the current heatwave situation in the UK. Out of the ones I’ve tried it will always be my favourite setting spray, as it suggests it sets your makeup, realllllly well!

I stayed loyal to the Collection concealer for about 2 years but it wasn’t really colour correcting the bags under my eyes just adding a heavy layer on top. The Soap and Glory Kiss Ass Concealer is more yellow toned so really cancels out any blue or purple shadows under the eyes, it blends well and lasts all day too!

I’ve had a fair few new followers recently, so hello and thank you to everyone that has!


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