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July Favourites 2015

This is probably going to be a long one but I’m going to try and keep it short and sweet.

A very eventful month to say the least… I was meant to be going to London staying the night in a beautiful hotel, going shopping and visiting Harry Potter world (didn’t happen), I also had a trip to Paris booked to leave tomorrow (had to cancel and lost all the money from it), and more importantly my boyfriend who was away with work (it’s been 4 and a half months) was delayed in his return which is why all of this happened (big massive sigh!)

However, I turned 20 this month and I have also involved myself within the blogging community a little more. Truthfully I’ve always kept myself to myself for some reason and never took to instagram or twitter to share my blog, since sharing my blog I have I’ve had the opportunity to speak to so many people with a similar interest, I’m just asking myself why I didn’t do it sooner!

On to the actual beauty bits, I have found so many things that I love this month, alongside some old favourites and some birthday treats to myself it was actually hard to know what to include this time round. The first highlighter I ever used was MAC’s Soft and Gentle, and I still have a lot of love for it. To be honest I received this as a gift and the £24 price point is pretty shocking, although it will last you years. The highlighter has peach/ pink undertones and sits perfectly on top of the cheek bones for a bronzy glow. It is perfect for the warmer months as when I’m at my palest it can look a little too pink on the tops of my cheeks.

To keep my hair looking more of an ashy blonde I recently discovered the Lee Stafford Pro Blonde Silver Shampoo and it is the best I have tried! All other silver shampoo’s that I’ve used previously have left my hair feeling stripped of so much moisture and I end up resembling Tarzan with how dry and frizzy it becomes. I am so surprised at how soft my hair feels after using this whilst keeping brassy tones away, it is on offer in Boots at the minute too!

This month I have also made a brand discovery, First Aid Beauty is a brand I have overlooked despite seeing mention of a lot of their products. Prior to the First Aid Beauty Moisturiser  I didn’t use one (shocking I know) I could never find one to suit my ridiculously oily skin, since using a moisturiser my skin is feeling so much more hydrated, plump and my foundation has never looked so good! If you’re after a fuss free and simple moisturiser I cannot recommend it enough. Plus I’ve just bought the Facial Radiance Pads, I’m on my second day of using them and oh my… They need a full review of their own!

Recently I have become a little bit obsessed with eyebrows, I never thought I would be one of those people applying concealer along the edges every day to make them look perfect (but I am!). The L’oreal Brow Artist Kit is perfect, the colours aren’t too warm or too cool so it looks more natural, and the little spoolie brush it comes with is actually pretty decent! FINALLY, (sorry for how long winded this has been), the NYX lipliner in Mauve, I just can’t stay away from cool toned pink nude lips, and this is the perfect dupe for MAC’s Whirl (which I do also own but that is besides the point).

What are your July favourites? Would love any recommendations on what I need to try next!

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