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(worn with a lipbalm under and Rimmels Spice in the corners) x

I’m still into nude lips, velvet teddy and brave are my go to lip colours so when my brother came home from his holiday with a little duty free gift, I was happy to see it fit straight into my lipstick family. HONEYLOVE is definitely a lot less wearable for us with pale skin, or if you have skin darker than an NW30 this will look way too much. For me this works on top of a lip liner like spice to add more colour making it look less flat. As this lipstick is matte (not complaining I love a good matte nude) any dry cracks are going to be on show which is never a good look, so exfoliated lips for this one.

Luckily this carries rose undertones and is more neutral than warm in tone (which doesn’t make sense considering the name), this is what makes it more unique to me and although a light nude one that I can actually wear without looking like I have concealer slapped on my lips. I think this is one to try before you buy, it is so pigmented so will easily cancel out the colour of your natural lips.

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