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First Aid Beauty Daily Face Cream Review

The First Aid Beauty Daily Face Cream is an entry level moisturiser. It’s £16 so a relatively affordable product, it’s cruelty free and non comedogenic (formulated in a way not likely to cause breakouts). I wanted to share a full review and my thoughts on this as a morning moisturiser.

First of all, my skin type: Combination. Oily in the t-zone but also dehydrated and prone to breakouts if I’m not careful. I’ve shared my evening skincare routine in a recent post for anyone who wants an indepth look at the products and routine that help balance combination skin.

What I like about the First Aid Beauty Daily Face Cream 

I’ve been using this for the past 4 weeks every morning. You know what, on the whole this is actually a really good moisturiser. It’s basic, but I think the price reflects that and it doesn’t claim to work miracles. However, it has balanced out my skin helping to make it less oily, and it definitely doesn’t feel quite so dehydrated. It’s impressive, and as I mentioned in the first paragraph it’s a good entry level moisturiser so perfect if you’re looking for something fuss free.

Here’s a couple of other positives…

  • Lightweight formula that absorbs into the skin within seconds
  • Fragrance free and suitable for sensitive skin types
  • Provides moisture without being excessive for oilier skin types
  • Helps improve scaring and has made visible changes to blemishes
  • Reduced how dehydrated my skin is, foundation is actually easy to apply and wear now!
  • The pump makes the application easy and stops any unwanted bacteria lurking around

I’m actually finding it difficult to think of any negatives for this product. I love the fact it comes with a pump, it’s affordable and really has helped my skin.

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I’m going to be trying the Facial Radiance Pads soon, I have seen a lot of hype around those and cannot wait to see if I can get even better results. One of the top ingredients is glycolic acid which works wonders on the skin.

Have you tried anything from First Aid Beauty?

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