First Aid Beauty Daily Face Cream Review

My skin type; very oily (not just in the t-zone) but also dehydrated, prone to breakouts and skin that just generally likes to play up!

Sounds a bit daft but I really struggle to find a moisturiser that does just moisturise, the ones I have previously tried have been way to heavy and just enhanced the oils in my skin. I know that an oily base still needs moisture but the trouble is always picking the right product. The First Aid Beauty Daily Face Cream  was introduced into my routine a week ago, the changes I have seen already are massive, my skin is no longer dehydrated like it used to be and is actually less oily, all I have ever needed from one product!



I’m going to be trying the Facial Radiance Pads soon too, I have seen a lot of hype around those and cannot wait to see if I can get even better results, one of the top ingredients is glycolic acid which works wonders on the skin. I also really recommend using the beauty bay website, came within a couple of days, had money off the product and free delivery! 


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