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July Favourites 2015

This is probably going to be a long one but I'm going to try and keep it short and sweet.


The Drugstore Mask | Una Brennan Clay Mask

I love a good face mask, in the evening after a long day at work there is nothing quite as satisfying as slapping on a face mask, running a bath and having a magazine to read.


Holiday Lip Products

I could really do with one of those holidays that involves sunbathing all day, a couple few cocktails at night and a beautiful sandy beach.


My Favourite Green Juice

 If you had said to me a year or two ago that I would be writing a blog post about a drink that contains kale and spinach, I would firstly ask what kale was and then request a milkshake instead... However in a bid to clear my skin and live a better lifestyle I got into making green juices, and they actually taste amazing! I love something so healthy can taste so sweet and become the perfect snacking alternative to the usual malteasers.

At the moment I have been loving a particular mix of things wizzed around in my Nutribullet (a gadget anyone interested in making juices needs) The ingredients are listed below, but this is just a rough guide, I honestly just shove everything into the container then fill the water up to the max line.

Handful of kale
Handful of spinach
8 grapes
Half a small cucumber
Half a kiwi
1 Tbsp of chia seeds

These ingredients make something sweet but healthy... What I love about the Nutribullet is that it really breaks everything down, you're not left with bits of kale in your mouth but a smooth juice that still contains all the fibre and goodness. I was tempted to get a juicer but the nutirbullet gives the same effect of a juice, yet uses the whole piece of fruit or veg.



(worn with a lipbalm under and Rimmels Spice in the corners) x

I'm still into nude lips, velvet teddy and brave are my go to lip colours so when my brother came home from his holiday with a little duty free gift, I was happy to see it fit straight into my lipstick family. HONEYLOVE is definitely a lot less wearable for us with pale skin, or if you have skin darker than an NW30 this will look way too much. For me this works on top of a lip liner like spice to add more colour making it look less flat. As this lipstick is matte (not complaining I love a good matte nude) any dry cracks are going to be on show which is never a good look, so exfoliated lips for this one.

Luckily this carries rose undertones and is more neutral than warm in tone (which doesn't make sense considering the name), this is what makes it more unique to me and although a light nude one that I can actually wear without looking like I have concealer slapped on my lips. I think this is one to try before you buy, it is so pigmented so will easily cancel out the colour of your natural lips.


My Brithday Week

On July 15th I turned 20, the first birthday I have actually felt quite old... I was spoilt by family and friends, had too many calorific meals out and managed to squeeze in a makeover at the Charlotte Tilbury counter (which embarrassingly is one of my birthday highlights). I've been a bit mia recently and reflecting on all my teenage years. A little advice to anyone younger out there, and it is to work hard and don't be scared of what other people think. I used to worry what people would think about me writing a blog, and about a lot of general things too, but then I realised it's alright to not fall into everyone good books, or to do something they find strange.

Anyway, less of the emotional advice, this post was basically to show off some instagram snaps from the past week (I'm obsessed and always posting on there). True believer that pictures speak a lot louder than words.


Remington Sapphire Pro Curling Wand - Review

 I have the biggest hair envy when it comes to Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, literally everything, the colour and the cut is exactly how I want my hair (even if can't quite commit to short hair just yet, maybe one day). I love the look of loose waves, something natural and effortless. For my birthday I received the Remington Sapphire Pro Curl wand, and it was a present welcomed with open arms.

 I originally thought I would need a bigger wand for the style of curl I wanted, (definitely not going for the tight curls look) for the but this is perfect for achieving waves making more volume and a more natural look, anything any bigger probably wouldn't have much of an effect or see them drop out after 10 minutes. 

This offering from Remington is amazing value for money and comes with features better than the GHD wand which is way more than double the price. I like that you can adjust the heat, my hair is thin so doesn't need the 210 degrees heat this reaches, but a fab feature for you lucky ladies with thicker hair. It heats up quickly, come with a scary looking glove so you don't burn your fingers (been  there done that, happy to look odd wearing the glove over burnt fingers), and has a ceramic coating to help protect the hair and also claims to add shine!

Added with some sea salt spray and a bit of back combing this wand helps create the "you made effort, but not too much" look.


Top 5 MAC Buys

I love most things from MAC (with the exception of their foundations) so narrowing down to my top 5 was actually quite difficult and had me pause for a moment, however if you're new to MAC or feeling over whelmed by all the options, here is my top 5 things that you need from MAC


I've had dupes from other brands, believe me I tried not to cave and spend the painful £20 this costs, but my smoky eye makeup has never looked better, even if I do say so myself! Nothing I have tried blends like this, I became obsessed with Jaclyn Hill on YouTube and how amazing her makeup is, then I decided I needed to step up my game and I'm glad I did, don't be without this aslong as I was...


Ok so I said I didn't like the MAC foundations but I use this as a powder. Very nostalgic to me as it was my first MAC purchase back in 2011 (the good old days when MAC lipsticks were £12) and still an everyday base favourite. Perfect at keeping my oily skin matte throughout the whole of the day, and it provides a full coverage which is perfect for along the t-zone.


My most recent discovery, this concealer is the one hit wonder that manages to conceal under the eyes aswel as any skin issues. The liquid texture blends amazingly and leaves a full coverage without looking too heavy and cakey, obviously it cannot disguise the skin texture (nothing can) but in terms of blemishes this will take them from obvious to extremely well hidden. It lasts all day and doesn't cling to any dry patches or oxidise.. Yeah it is that perfect.


 A cult product splattered around the beauty world, but it never gets boring. This is my favourite summer time highlight, it is simply gorgeous! It contains a lot of shimmer but with a light hand is the perfect glowy skin highlight. The champaign pink colours work well with my paler complexion and the formula is also very long lasting so you will still be glowing come home time.


How could a top 5 MAC buys be complete without a lipstick mention, it simply couldn't! 5 years on and I am still obsessed and want to build upon my collection and end up something that resembles the MAC counter.. Anyway my everyday lip colour choice at the minute has been Brave, a wearable darker than a nude mauve shade. I am still on the hunt for a more affordable version of this as I wear it to death, but the satin finish and flattering colour lasts for around 5 hours before needing a touch up, again another thing I wish I had bought sooner.

Wow, that was longer that I thought, I can't help but waffle about MAC.. What are your favourite MAC buys?


First Aid Beauty Daily Face Cream Review

My skin type; very oily (not just in the t-zone) but also dehydrated, prone to breakouts and skin that just generally likes to play up!

Sounds a bit daft but I really struggle to find a moisturiser that does just moisturise, the ones I have previously tried have been way to heavy and just enhanced the oils in my skin. I know that an oily base still needs moisture but the trouble is always picking the right product. The First Aid Beauty Daily Face Cream  was introduced into my routine a week ago, the changes I have seen already are massive, my skin is no longer dehydrated like it used to be and is actually less oily, all I have ever needed from one product!


  • Lightweight formula that absorbs into the skin within seconds
  • Fragrance free and suitable for sensitive skin types
  • Provides moisture without being excessive for oilier skin types
  • Helps improve scaring and has made visible changes to blemishes
  • Reduced how dehydrated my skin is, foundation is actually easy to apply and wear now!
  • The pump makes the application easy and stops any unwanted bacteria lurking around (beauty blogger pet hate, why put a cream in a tub where you have to dip your fingers in?)
  • I honestly can't think of one, ok, maybe the price point as when I go back to uni in October I'll be on the student wage, but I'm willing to sacrifice on a few things for decent skincare... Meaning tinned food and bread for a week!

I'm going to be trying the Facial Radiance Pads soon too, I have seen a lot of hype around those and cannot wait to see if I can get even better results, one of the top ingredients is glycolic acid which works wonders on the skin. I also really recommend using the beauty bay website, came within a couple of days, had money off the product and free delivery! 


The Everyday Lipliners

I used to say to my mum "why are you wearing a lip liner, it looks weird!" granted she did rock the nude lipliner and pale lipgloss look, but now I am converted and don't wear lipstick without them.

If I'm wearing a nude lipstick - MAC's Velvet Teddy still being a favourite then I don't go without a lipliner. My lips could 100% do with being a little more plump, so I can't resist slightly over lining. The NYX Liner in Mauve is the perfect dupe for MAC's Whirl and a fraction of the price, they both provide a deeper nude/ mauve shade, very 90's so if you love that trend and don't have these liners then you won't regret buying them.

An absolute bargain is the MUA liner in Caramel Nougat, perfect for someone who is wanting a nude lip liner on a budget, granted it doesn't last as long as the MAC liners but still worthy of a mention. This is more pale in colour but still carries the nude tone like the other two mentioned, I love wearing this why Shy Girl by MAC.

I am still on the hunt for the perfect lip liners to match some of the brighter lipsticks I have e.g. Morange by MAC - which I am still too scared to wear!!


Night Out/ Evening Makeup

In the summer there is nothing worse than a face caked in makeup ready to oxidise the moment you leave the house, so I tried to keep it looking as light as possible, but yes I did use Double Wear so it all stayed in place, I can't help myself...
I don't think any evening makeup is complete without using the painterly paintpot, I have had this for years and used it most days and it is still only dinted slightly, it is the perfect tone to cancel out any veins that defiantly don't flatter a smokey eye too well!

I keep wearing Brave by MAC and I can't stop, I have so many other lipsticks and just keep gravitating towards this or Velvet Teddy, I need to get out of this phase. I'm hoping my next post like this will feature MAC's Morange which I am still yet to wear. I bronzed my face believe it or not (in real life it looked bronzed, picture doing it no justice) no contouring this time as I find it can look slightly over done, truthfully I couldn't be bothered trying too hard.

The products I used are long wearing making them perfect for the warmer months where you want to wear a little more makeup.


June Favourites 2015

From being on placement most of May I became a bit complacent with my makeup and just wore mascara and a lip balm, so when June came around and I was back to piling on a full face of makeup.. Plus I bought a couple of new bits - standard post placement treats. 

I'm still yet to try the cult Shu Uemura eyelash curlers, but these ones are from a brand called Danielle that I snapped up in TX Maxx are amazing. I'll curl my lashes before applying mascara and they don't drop through the day, they grip the lashes and actually curl them, I have tried so many that are either too small to fit all my lashes in or don't grip them enough to do anything.

If I haven't been wearing MAC's Whirl all over the lip - staple lip colour I've actually ventured to wearing my bright shades again. Revlon's "Kiss Me Coral" is perfect if your lips are a little bit dry but you want to wear a lipstick, it lasts a decent 4-5 hours and is creamy leaving a glossy but pigmented finish.

I'm still not 100% happy with my brows but I'm struggling to come to terms with the idea of leaving them in the hands of someone else, I was also considering HD Brows but for the no makeup days I will look ridiculous, so I'm in a pickle really. The Brow Artist Genius Kit is the best I've tried that is from the high street. The wax isn't too waxy that your eyebrows are going to slip all over the place and the shades are cool toned so they actually look natural, finally a really good high street brow palette!

Thank god for the Urban Decay Setting Spray, without it I think my makeup would have melted on my face with the current heatwave situation in the UK. Out of the ones I've tried it will always be my favourite setting spray, as it suggests it sets your makeup, realllllly well!

I stayed loyal to the Collection concealer for about 2 years but it wasn't really colour correcting the bags under my eyes just adding a heavy layer on top. The Soap and Glory Kiss Ass Concealer is more yellow toned so really cancels out any blue or purple shadows under the eyes, it blends well and lasts all day too!

I've had a fair few new followers recently, so hello and thank you to everyone that has!

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