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Visiting New York? The Do’s and the Don’ts!

On a low cloud day!

Planning a trip to New York and filling your time with all the amazing tourist options is great, so much to see and do, but it can become overwhelming. So many restaurant recommendations and hotels to stay in.. I’ve complied a little guide to help

The Do’s

  • Stay as close to the centre as possible, this makes it much easier to travel around in all different directions and see everything easy – especially if you plan on doing a lot of walking
  • Book some attractions before you go, nothing worse than not being able to do something – especially important for the statue of liberty, I tried to book this 2 months before and it was fully booked!
  • Plan your days, depending on how long you’re staying.. Nothing worse than getting to the last day having more things to see and do on the list.
  • Use the public transport or taxi’s sometimes, nothing worse than moaning about achy feet (my boyfriend will tell you that for sure). Getting down to the financial district on foot and back does get quite tiring
  • Walk the highline! it was lovely to just walk along and see the sights, it was a chance to chat about the amazing apartments worth millions along the way, and how many parties we would have etc…
  • Take comfortable shoes, yeah you want to look good and feel nice in New York, but nothing worse than needing the compeed.
  • Research restaurants before you visit and make some reservations. This will help you plan your time and gives you the chance to visit the nicest places NYC has to offer, although you do need to pick up a big pretzel from the side of the road, plus no booking needed…
  • If you’re going for a good shopping spree then visit an outlet, I went to Woodbury Common and the savings from there were unreal, the things I wanted but didn’t buy are haunting me, even 6 months later.
  • Take a wander out of New York, research different places that aren’t typical tourist areas, this was so much fun and just as good as seeing the more popular areas

The Dont’s

  • Go up the Empire State or Rockefeller Centre if it is misty, might seem obvious but so many people do and it is not worth it, waste of money as you cannot see a thing
  • Stay in a hotel that has tiny bedrooms, there is nothing worse than a full day out and coming back to a tiny room. If you have the money then I would suggest spending a little more on a nice hotel, nothing worse than being cramped.
  • Over packing on the way there will mean no room for shopping, which you will do! Try to leave as much room in your case as possible to ensure you’re not stuck with a fine at the airport
  • Don’t forget the cinema, sounds random but it was so much fun experiencing mundane sort of activities in a different country, the sauce on your popcorn is hot butter that you dispense yourself, it is madness!
  • Buying from the UK duty free was a big mistake but I couldn’t resist. MAC lipsticks in JFK airport were $16.. That is around £9!!! 

Hope this has been useful, overall New York is a fabulous experience and I cannot wait to visit again

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