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Healthy Snack for a Sweet Tooth

Healthy snacks are what I struggle with, my meals will be spot on yet my snacking habits let me down – those with a sweet tooth may know the feeling! So I have been on the hunt for a healthy snack that actually tastes delicious and exciting rather than what to me is pretty boring.

All that you need 

1. Dates

2. Almonds

3. 1 tbsp Cacao Powder

4. 1 tsp boiling water

5. Sultanas

You will be full of joy when you see how simple this is! All of these ingredients into a food processor until they become broken down into small pieces, and then if they ingredients has not formed one big ball in your food processor, that’s the time to add the water – take care with it and apply a small amount, that is all it needs

There are other things you like such as cashews or peacans and other fruits such as prunes. The beauty of this recipe is that you can put in as much as you like of each, so if you prefer the nutty taste over the dates then make your recipe more nut based, it is as simple as that! 

I’m feeling very inspired by Madeline Shaw and Amelia Freer at the moment to quit artificial sugar, so will be posting more recipes that are helping to fight the cravings!

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