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Eat, Nourish, Glow.. Changing Eating Habits

For the past couple of months I have been feeling really fed up with my skin, its constant blemishes and dull appearance has left me with little confidence and feeling like I need to wear makeup every day. I thought enough was enough and decided to make some changes with the help of Amelia Freer’s Eat Nourish Glow.

My diet wasn’t all that bad before, my main meals were pretty healthy but I would snack on some form of chocolate everyday, my energy levels would tip up and down and god forbid if you were to see me if I hadn’t had a coffee.

So, how am I getting on… I love healthy food and for me it is just learning and practising to be mindful with it. I used to stuff my face feeling like I needed the energy and before I knew it I had eaten my lunch without even any acknowledgement. I crave sugary and sweet food badly so decided that for the first move I would slowly remove it and not just completely go cold turkey.

So far, really pretty good there have been a couple of days I’ve had bad treats but I instantly thought I really did not need that and haven’t done it since. I’ve attempted cauliflower pizza, which was delicious, and made some healthy alternatives to a Cadburys fudge. My main aim at the end of this is to have sugar on the odd occasion, I mean a very rare treat. I don’t consume a lot of dairy but I know that when I do my body doesn’t like it, so that is my next step, goodbye cheese (teary eyed moment I think).

So my tips for anyone trying to make some drastic beneficial eating changes:

1. Realise the benefits for your body and life, read a book like Amelia’s to be inspired in this way
2. Remove all the junk from your house
3. Eat without any distractions and be mindful about the experience
4. Find alternatives for when you’re feeling like you really need that chocolate taste
5. Be organised with meals and try to prepare things

My next post on this will be in 2 weeks time, so lets see if I can in the second week go a week sugar free… Artificial sugar that is, I’m still going to enjoy fruit as natural sugars are good for you!

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