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Tanya Burr Lipgloss Review

(ft patchy fake tan hand)

On the whole I don't like lip glosses, they result in uncomfortable feeling lips and with the mix of wind and hair they're a no from me.. I was browsing the Fragrance Direct website and the Tanya Burr lip glosses were £1.99, I have never tried them before or if I'm honest took too much interest, but what the hell they were less than £2 each!

They smell like the Love Hearts sweets so that made me happy for starters. I went for what are probably the three most popular shades, and if I'm going for a glossy finish it is always a toned down colour. These are non sticky, a good consistency and have good pigmentation. A lot of brands are bringing out liquid lipsticks and really pigmented glosses, which is nice, but these are just traditional glosses that can go on top of your lipstick, which I am slowly loving.

So stupidly late to the bandwagon, but thought I would let you know about my little bargain that had probably induced a love for lip glosses.


The Best Primers for Oily Skin + Primer Dupes!

I used to think of primers in a bad light, just another product piled onto the skin in the hope of long lasting makeup.. Then that hope was fulfilled and I became a little addicted. So now as it stands I don't apply my foundation without one, my favourites for my oily skin being the silicone based, but there are so many to choose from. Whether illuminating or mattifying I think that every foundation wearer should atleast consider it for the long days out of the house.

Starting off with the one I probably enjoy the least and that is MAC's Prep and Prime, for me it doesn't do too much for my complexsion, it leaves it looking a little shimmery and for the pores it's just a no, I think lovely for those with a normal/ dry skin type wanting something illuminating.

The Rimmel Fix and Perfect is a brilliant cheaper alternative, infant I like it more. It doesn't resemble a disco ball with shimmery particles like the MAC one, and also manages to mattify the skin slightly which is just what I need. Not as long lasting as the others mentioned but it is the cheapest I have found that makes a good difference to my makeup and a perfect option for someone starting out, or broke...

My top two have to be the Benefit Porefessional and The Body Shop Instablur. As they are silicone based they glide over the skin which also minimises the look of pores and keeps your makeup looking matte for longer. I have tried a couple other silicone primers that managed to helped my face resemble a patchy mess five hours into the day, so some are pretty awful. Anyway talking about the good of the bunch, The Body Shop primer is probably the one I reach for most, it is so good at keeping everything in place and making my skin look smooth, my foundation lasts from 9-5 which is just what I need.


L'Oreal Brow Artist Genius Kit + Plumper Review

At the minute seriously groomed brows with not one hair out of place is in, which is making me  seriously considering getting HD Brows, as I have had my eyebrows done by a professional once! To keep my eyebrows looking neat and tidy at the minute I am using two products that are new to me, the first is the Brow Artist Genuis Kit and the Second is the Brow Artist Plumper.

The brow kit is good, it comes with a little brow brush which is one of the best I've had, the applicator on the other end however is awful, so I use a smaller angled brush. The waxy product is the first of it's kind I've got along with, not too hard or too waxy that is will slide around, it sets and stays put, then the powder (which is slightly too dark for me) is also long lasting and with small strokes can look quite natural. The powder is more cool than warmed toned too which is often hard to find from highstreet brands, looks like they are keeping up with the times!

The Brow Artist Plumper is just like mascara for your brows, it holds them in place and makes them look more in line. This will be perfect for minimal makeup days as it gives them a little colour and helps me look a little more normal. Compared to the Maybelline Brow Drama this can make the brows feel a little stiff, so be careful not to overload. 

The last post I did about my brows was a review on the Soap and Glory Archery - I prefer using this over that and find the application a lot easier, a good one for beginners I think! 


MAC Tan Pigment

Move over MAC lipsticks, pigments are my new obsession (or lets say joint obsession)..TAN pigment is so beautiful, worn on it's own or with a little definition in the crease (Urban Decay's Buck used in this case) it is just the incredibly pigmented shimmery shadow everyone needs. This is perfect for the warmer months as it adds to that very cliché "sun kissed look" that lets be honest we all want.
I love how intense pigments can look, I sprayed some makeup setting spray on my brush and then applied some of the pigment to the centre of my eye, it made it almost look like a foil on my lids, so pigmented!

Who doesn't love a shimmery rose gold pigment that makes your eyes looks like marbles? Quite a steep price, but unless I god forbid have a tragic accident and knock this over (touches wood) it is going to last forever!


Visiting New York? The Do's and the Don'ts!

On a low cloud day!

Planning a trip to New York and filling your time with all the amazing tourist options is great, so much to see and do, but it can become overwhelming. So many restaurant recommendations and hotels to stay in.. I've complied a little guide to help

The Do's

  • Stay as close to the centre as possible, this makes it much easier to travel around in all different directions and see everything easy - especially if you plan on doing a lot of walking
  • Book some attractions before you go, nothing worse than not being able to do something - especially important for the statue of liberty, I tried to book this 2 months before and it was fully booked!
  • Plan your days, depending on how long you're staying.. Nothing worse than getting to the last day having more things to see and do on the list.
  • Use the public transport or taxi's sometimes, nothing worse than moaning about achy feet (my boyfriend will tell you that for sure). Getting down to the financial district on foot and back does get quite tiring
  • Walk the highline! it was lovely to just walk along and see the sights, it was a chance to chat about the amazing apartments worth millions along the way, and how many parties we would have etc...
  • Take comfortable shoes, yeah you want to look good and feel nice in New York, but nothing worse than needing the compeed.
  • Research restaurants before you visit and make some reservations. This will help you plan your time and gives you the chance to visit the nicest places NYC has to offer, although you do need to pick up a big pretzel from the side of the road, plus no booking needed...
  • If you're going for a good shopping spree then visit an outlet, I went to Woodbury Common and the savings from there were unreal, the things I wanted but didn't buy are haunting me, even 6 months later.
  • Take a wander out of New York, research different places that aren't typical tourist areas, this was so much fun and just as good as seeing the more popular areas
The Dont's

  • Go up the Empire State or Rockefeller Centre if it is misty, might seem obvious but so many people do and it is not worth it, waste of money as you cannot see a thing
  • Stay in a hotel that has tiny bedrooms, there is nothing worse than a full day out and coming back to a tiny room. If you have the money then I would suggest spending a little more on a nice hotel, nothing worse than being cramped.
  • Over packing on the way there will mean no room for shopping, which you will do! Try to leave as much room in your case as possible to ensure you're not stuck with a fine at the airport
  • Don't forget the cinema, sounds random but it was so much fun experiencing mundane sort of activities in a different country, the sauce on your popcorn is hot butter that you dispense yourself, it is madness!
  • Buying from the UK duty free was a big mistake but I couldn't resist. MAC lipsticks in JFK airport were $16.. That is around £9!!! 

Hope this has been useful, overall New York is a fabulous experience and I cannot wait to visit again


L'oreal Infallible 24h Matte Foundation Review

I'm really struggling to contain my excitement here, the L'oreal Infallible foundation is one of the best I have tried from high street makeup brands. My skin is so flippin oily and takes a lot to keep it under control (usually). After seeing a lot of rave around this I thought yeah I need to try it, and boy am I glad I did.

This foundation reminds me of Estee Lauder Double Wear in terms of the staying power and how it keeps my skin looking shine free for around 5 hours. However unlike double wears thick uncomfortable texture this is so light weight. The product blends perfectly and is soon smoothed over the skin without any clinging to the odd patch of dehydration (which my skin can often grace me with). 

The consistency is a thick liquid texture so it won't be dripping off your fingers onto any cream carpet, I think this is what makes the product so easy to blend. One thing that might trouble some is the colour range, a lack of options which might mean mixing two shades together, I always find that there needs to be a colour in between the lightest and the next up, just me?

Now I still find it ridiculous that foundations promote themselves as lasting 24 hours but I am able to let this one slip as I suppose the message is, it ain't gunna budge. If you're looking for a long lasting base that provides a good coverage without looking like you've used your garden shovel to apply it, then pick this up! 


Eat, Nourish, Glow.. Changing Eating Habits

For the past couple of months I have been feeling really fed up with my skin, its constant blemishes and dull appearance has left me with little confidence and feeling like I need to wear makeup every day. I thought enough was enough and decided to make some changes with the help of Amelia Freer's Eat Nourish Glow.

My diet wasn't all that bad before, my main meals were pretty healthy but I would snack on some form of chocolate everyday, my energy levels would tip up and down and god forbid if you were to see me if I hadn't had a coffee.

So, how am I getting on... I love healthy food and for me it is just learning and practising to be mindful with it. I used to stuff my face feeling like I needed the energy and before I knew it I had eaten my lunch without even any acknowledgement. I crave sugary and sweet food badly so decided that for the first move I would slowly remove it and not just completely go cold turkey.

So far, really pretty good there have been a couple of days I've had bad treats but I instantly thought I really did not need that and haven't done it since. I've attempted cauliflower pizza, which was delicious, and made some healthy alternatives to a Cadburys fudge. My main aim at the end of this is to have sugar on the odd occasion, I mean a very rare treat. I don't consume a lot of dairy but I know that when I do my body doesn't like it, so that is my next step, goodbye cheese (teary eyed moment I think).

So my tips for anyone trying to make some drastic beneficial eating changes:

1. Realise the benefits for your body and life, read a book like Amelia's to be inspired in this way
2. Remove all the junk from your house
3. Eat without any distractions and be mindful about the experience
4. Find alternatives for when you're feeling like you really need that chocolate taste
5. Be organised with meals and try to prepare things

My next post on this will be in 2 weeks time, so lets see if I can in the second week go a week sugar free... Artificial sugar that is, I'm still going to enjoy fruit as natural sugars are good for you!


Orange Lip Favourites

Top to bottom; Nars, MAC, Rimmel

Being a blonde I find it hard to wear bold red or orange shades, although with just mascara and some serious bronzing I think I can just about pull it off. For longevity and a gorgeous colour that lasts all day with just one touch up the Nars Velvet Matte lip pencil in Iberico is the orange you go for. This shade was part of the digital collection, but I wanted to include it because if you are looking for a bold matte lip that isn't going to leave your lips dry then the Velvet Matte lip pencils are the best out there!

The more accessible MAC Morange is quite possibly one of the most well known lipsticks in the orange family. The amplified finish ensures the colour is very vibrant, this has a creamy looking finish which for the summer time I actually quite like, perfect also when blotted down to a more subtle look. Not quite as long lasting as the Nars pencil but expected due to the finish, overall a beautiful shade that orange lip lovers need.

A dupe for Morange is Rimmel's In Love With Ginger very similar is shade and finish, except with MAC you are greeted with a vanilla scent, and we all know what the Rimmel lipsticks are like! I would say that this shade is infact even more vibrant that Morange, so one for the real bold lovers I think.


Healthy Snack for a Sweet Tooth

Healthy snacks are what I struggle with, my meals will be spot on yet my snacking habits let me down - those with a sweet tooth may know the feeling! So I have been on the hunt for a healthy snack that actually tastes delicious and exciting rather than what to me is pretty boring.

All that you need 

1. Dates
2. Almonds
3. 1 tbsp Cacao Powder
4. 1 tsp boiling water
5. Sultanas

You will be full of joy when you see how simple this is! All of these ingredients into a food processor until they become broken down into small pieces, and then if they ingredients has not formed one big ball in your food processor, that's the time to add the water - take care with it and apply a small amount, that is all it needs

There are other things you like such as cashews or peacans and other fruits such as prunes. The beauty of this recipe is that you can put in as much as you like of each, so if you prefer the nutty taste over the dates then make your recipe more nut based, it is as simple as that! 

I'm feeling very inspired by Madeline Shaw and Amelia Freer at the moment to quit artificial sugar, so will be posting more recipes that are helping to fight the cravings!


Makeup Base for an Oily Complexion

By the afternoon my skin resembles that of someone who has just completed a marathon, (if I'm not careful) so picking a suitable base that will tame my incredibly oily skin is an important step in getting ready. I have picked out some of my favourites for the summer that help me feel more confident that my skin is looking okay!

I have become slightly addicted to the The Body Shop - Insta Blur. I never wanted to love primers if I'm honest as it is just another layer on top of my skin, but this really does help to prolong my makeup and helps me stay oil free for longer. It is a silicone formulation which I have come to prefer over cream primers, a rival to the Benefit Porefessional I think!

After seeing Amelia Liana rave about the L'oreal True Match foundation I knew I needed it.. This works because it's not heavy and doesn't provide a matte finish like most targeted towards an oily complexion. The satin, medium coverage finish is great for any redness and blemishes and with a powder on top gives an oily complexsion the chance to have skin that (I hate the term, but) glows!

A winning concealer for both under the eyes and blemishes is MAC's Pro longwear. No creasing, medium/ full coverage and long lasting. To me a concealer needs to quite obviously conceal, like no others I have tried this manages to do so leaving your skin still looking natural. So impressed with this product. FULL REVIEW

If I'm wearing eyeshadow I will apply the Urban Decay Primer Potion, a cult beauty product that is essential. Perfect for oily eyelids as it makes the shadow stay in place all day and also intensifies the pigmentation.. Who doesn't own this yet!?

Now, my Holy Grail powder, also my first MAC purchase from the airport before a holiday, so it has a special place in my heart. MAC's Studio Fix Powder (can be worn as a foundation or full coverage powder). On top of foundation this powder manages to erase any visible pores, and provides a general flawless looking finish. If I am having a rubbish skin day it is because I have forgot to apply this. My makeup will last all day, maybe a touch up on my nose if it is really warm, but I cannot fault it. It also lasts a really long time too, so although £22 may seem quite steep, it is well worth it!

With a combination of all these products my makeup stays put all day! I would love to hear your recommendations for base products..

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