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Top lip balms for dry lips

No one likes the look of dry cracked lips covered in lipstick, my lips get so dry so over the years I’ve tried far from few lip balms and these are the most repurchased. Pre warning, you will be sick of the word lip balm by the end of this post.

Nuxe Reve De Miel 

One for the evening as it is very thick and moisturising. I was pleasantly surprised that this smells like Terrys Chocolate Orange – win. Even after a nights sleep you can still feel the remaining lip balm on your lips, perfect if you need a more intense treatment, or if you like chocolate.

Rosebud Perfume co – Rosebud Salve

Whilst in Sephora like many others I was drawn in to the little minis they display while you queue, it was so cold in New York when I went so I needed a lip balm. Not a massive fan of rose scented products but the balm itself was is so good. Perfect for carrying around as it is one of those multi use products for any dry and cracked areas, its light weight but will nourish your lips, leaving a glossy finish. One of my absolute favourites if you can manage to pick it up.. Sephora when are you coming to the uk?

eos Sweet Mint

The eos lip balms have been everywhere at the minute, with good reason. I picked up the mint flavoured and it is again perfect as a day time lip balm, it isn’t as nourishing and repairing as the rosebud balm so more suited to those with normal lips or as a top up in between using others.

Palmer’s Coco Butter Lip balm

After using a body moisturiser from this brand and loving it, I thought why not give their lip balm a go. It is under £2, has an SPF and does manage to keep lips from becoming dry or cracked. This lipstick won’t do a brilliant job if your lips are already in bad condition but top prevent that from happening it will work really well. I like this one for the summer months.

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