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My New Favourite Concealer – MAC’s Pro Longwear

Is it just me or is it a hard task trying to dispense the right amount of product so you’re not left wasting loads? The pump feature I love but it is so stiff that I end up dispensing enough concealer for myself and 2 others, its driving me mad.

Anyway, this is a product rave because the liquid inside is the best, quite possibly the best concealer I’m yet to try. This provides medium/ full coverage without any creasing or cakey looking skin which is what often lets down a concealer, spot on formula in my view. I use this under my eyes and on blemishes.. I was put off MAC foundations and concealers when I tried one of their foundations and looking child playing with makeup two hours later – the professional forgot to mention it would oxidise like a no other.

I think I have been converted to this concealer, it’s not a goodbye to the collection lasting perfection but for now this is a new favourite. It is long lasting as the name suggests, covers, and looks natural – hurrayyyy!

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