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Liz Earle – The Fool Proof Cleanser

Like most people that blog about and love beauty products the new releases and raved about products are at the top of the shopping list, but the old favourites that never fail to impress should not be forgotten. I have loved this cleanser for around 4 years now, making the awards it has won unsurprising.

When I use this consistently my skin is clear, it just seems to keep the blemishes away. It feels natural and non stripping and is the perfect way to remove the daily grime and makeup without being harsh like so many others I have tried. The fresh scent makes it a lovely product to use morning and night, I literally cannot phrase this enough, and if you are mad enough to not have jumped on the hype yet then please do!

With skin care it is the case of why change something if it doesn’t need fixing and this cleanser applies to that, nothing compares for me.

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