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Budget Bedroom Revamp

(the wardrobe painted – from brown to white)

Recently I have given my room a little revamp and I thought I would share how it was done but on a budget!

1. New duvet and pillows. I was so bored of my hot pink bedding, it actually hurt to look at it it was so vibrant. This bedding from Ikea and pillows from Next have really toned down the pink in my wallpaper and have allowed for something more sophisticated. 

2. DIY. Luckily I have a mum who is brill at painting, she was able to paint my brown wardrobes white and add new knobs. My room looks bigger and brighter and the furniture matches a lot better – apart from the bed frame.

3. Accessories. You’ve probably noticed all the candles and little wooden hearts I have dotted around from the photos, there is something about them that adds a little something without it looking over crowded with crap. 

4. Flowers. For me fresh flowers make a room, I always try and grab a £2 bunch from Aldi, if not I have fake ones but nothing nicer than real.

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